24 April 2017

The ‘Dutch approach’: New life for old buildings

On 11 April, Reuse, Redevelop and Design was launched. This book gives examples of successful redevelopment.

On April 11 the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands presented the book and exhibition Reuse, Redevelop & Design: How the Dutch Deal with Heritage.

The book Reuse, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch Deal With Heritage was launched along with an accompanying exhibition during a well-attended session at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague. After speeches by Paul Meurs, one of the authors of the book, and Floris Alkemade, the Chief Government Architect of the Netherlands, the book was presented to Johan Verboom, the Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation.

Partly conceived through the Shared Cultural Heritage programme of the Cultural Heritage Agency (RCE), Reuse, Redevelop and Design focuses on innovative ways to redevelop buildings, elaborating on some international examples in illustration of this. The book is aimed at international peers in the heritage sector and hopes to kick-start a global discussion by showing the success of the ‘Dutch approach’ to redevelopment. The exhibit is offered in digital format and will be made available through the Dutch embassies, which can request the exhibit from the Cultural Heritage Agency and print or present it as suits them best.