Belgium - Flanders

Cultural collaboration is considered a matter of course in the countries of the Low Lands, but does not always happen automatically.

In 2016, Flanders and The Netherlands were Ehrengast during the Frankfurter Buchmesse, the largest book fair worldwide.

Belgium/Flanders is a priority country in the Netherlands’ International Cultural Policy 2017-2020. Cultural collaboration between the Netherlands and Belgium, and in particular Flanders, is considered a matter of course. Belgium is the immediate neighbour to the south, the Netherlands’ second export country after Germany, and the two countries share a rich cultural history and a language. 

Belgium’s central location in Europe means that Belgium can function as an international springboard for artists young and old, particularly because Flemish players almost automatically look beyond their own borders. Cross-border collaboration between artists, cultural organisations and provincial and city authorities is already taking place on a large scale.

The Belgian market particularly offers opportunities for the performing arts, the creative industry, the visual arts and literature. In these fields, there are possibilities for a relatively easy expansion of the market and a generally smooth exchange of knowledge. In the coming years, collaborative efforts will focus on talent development, the exchange of knowledge and greater visibility in Belgium/Flanders for young artists, musicians, designers and theatre makers from the Netherlands.