Conny Brak
Director Finance and Organisation
c.brak [at] dutchculture.nl

Conny Brak, Director Finance and Organisation

Conny Brak, Director Finance and Organisation

My name is Conny Brak, Director of Finance and Administration. As such, I am also head of business operations, which deals with human resources, finances, IT, accommodation and general questions. I am responsible for creating and managing the budgets for DC’s four-year plans, and I help to compile the annual figures. I also make sure that the funds granted by subsidy providers are spent properly and efficiently. And, not unimportantly, I arrange for everyone’s wages to be paid on time. I value good employment practices because I consider it important for everyone to have what they need to be able to work with pleasure, to be comfortable and to feel heard and seen. I am dedicated to an eco-friendly life, which I apply at work as well; for example, I am working to digitise the office.

Before, I primarily worked in the film and TV industry. At DutchCulture, I started out as the interim head of business operations, and later accepted the position of director. I find this a special organisation full of inspiring people. I enjoy the spontaneous chats with my co-workers and always look forward to our group lunch around the table.

I am the owner of the office dog Marie, who is best buddies with everyone around and loves it when people give her a bit of attention. She is also a source of relaxation and social contact, which is good for the well-being of us all.

Additional unpaid positions
  • Stichting Who's Next, treasurer (2020-present)