Ruud van Empel, Generation, 2010

Photo: Ruud van Empel

Dutch Embassies and Consulates

What does the Netherlands’ diplomatic network do for international cultural cooperation and what support does DutchCulture offer that network?

The Netherlands’ diplomatic network consists of Dutch embassies and consulates. They work on international cultural cooperation in all sorts of ways – from issuing visas to connecting up with local networks in culture, government and commerce, pointing out possibilities for Dutch organisations abroad, promoting Dutch culture abroad and providing limited financial support to organisations and artists. 

Under the authority of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, DutchCulture helps the staff members at diplomatic posts to connect the Dutch cultural supply with local demand. Embassies and consulates can come to us for information and advice. We also organise work visits and (public) meetings. The embassies regularly inform us about interesting cultural professionals who are eligible for participation in our international visitors’ programme. 

We work intensively with Dutch diplomatic posts in the focus countries for International Cultural Policy, such as Belgium, China, Germany, France, Indonesia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition to the multi-year strategic commitment to the eight focus countries, there is also room for initiatives that can be bundled, if necessary, for countries like Brazil, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Surinam and South Africa. Check also our page on the Dutch International Cultural Policy

Dutch cultural infrastructure: Mapping NL
Mapping NL offers a concise overview of organisations in the basic cultural infrastructure of the Netherlands, arranged according to discipline. In video interviews, people involved in Dutch international cultural policy, including directors of public foundations and staff members of the Ministries of Education, Culture and Science and of Foreign Affairs, explain what their role is in this sphere and how they work together with the diplomatic posts.
Click here for Mapping NL

Financing and networks
On our website you will find an overview of financing possibilities for cultural projects and links to useful networks. If you have questions or need advice, please do not hesitate to contact Sophie Logothetis

Individual work visits
On request, DutchCulture arranges special work visits for staff members of the Dutch embassies who are engaged in Cultural Affairs.

Agenda of Dutch international cultural events
The diplomatic posts are an important source of information for DutchCulture | Buitengaats, the international agenda of Dutch cultural events. Four times a year, based on information sent by the embassies in priority countries, DutchCulture also makes a selection of Dutch cultural events abroad that can be relevant for traveling members of the government, members of the royal family and municipal delegations.

Keep informed and join in the discussion
We share current and relevant information daily on Facebook and Twitter and naturally those are also places where we gladly discuss international cultural cooperation with everyone, including staff members of the diplomatic posts, of course. People working at the posts, ministries and DutchCulture can also find each other in a closed discussion group on Facebook.