Gerard Reve, 'Childhood'

In the spotlight: Review of Gerard Reve in the New York Review of Books by Philip Huff ‘Amsterdam Blues’

27 November 2019
In the latest edition of The New York Review of Books, Dutch author Philip Huff discusses two recently translated works by famous Dutch writer Gerard Reve.

The 5 December 2019 edition of The New York Review of Books contains a review called Amsterdam Blues by Philip Huff. It is a discussion of Gerard Reve's classics The Evenings: A Winter’s Tale and Childhood: Two Novellas. Both books have been translated by Sam Garrett for Pushkin Press.

Garrett captures the consistently anxious, suggestive, and haunting tone that runs through The Evenings like a live wire — one that, after seventy years, is still electrifying

With his essay on Reve, called Amsterdam Blues, Philip Huff is among the few Dutch writers published in the renowned New York Review of Books. Huff has been living in Manhattan since 2015 and has written for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue. In 2017, he edited Penguin’s literary magazine Five Dials’ special issue on new Dutch literature, with contributions by young writers such as Lynn Berger, Nina Polak, Mustafa Stitou and Thomas Heerma van Voss.

Amsterdam Blues by Philipp Huff - the ny review of books

This news item was written by the Dutch Foundation for Literature.

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