Lisa Grob, Belgium | France

At DutchCulture, I advise Dutch-based artists on possibilities for cultural cooperation in Belgium and France. I try to enlarge their knowledge on opportunities such as grants and partners, but also on cultural differences and how to actually approach working internationally. My team executes the International Cultural Policy of the Dutch ministries of Culture and Foreign Affairs. That means I also operate on the level of policy, facilitating the creation of synergy between the Dutch cultural funds and the Embassies in their activities in Belgium and France.

As a graduate from the Master Intercultural Communication, I am passionate to increase understanding between cultures. Having lived and studied in France during my Bachelor French Language & Culture, I have experienced how cultural differences, however subtle they can be, can complicate exchange. Mediating between and connecting all kinds of people, contributing to their mutual understanding, is thus what drives me. I am very lucky to be able to do this on a daily basis in my work for DutchCulture. Last but not least, I coordinate DutchCulture’s education branch, as we believe International Cultural Cooperation is a profession and should therefore be passed on to the next generation of artists, cultural managers and policy-makers. 

The limits of my language mean the limits of my world
Ludwig Wittgenstein