15 Jan 2021
Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, what will it mean for EU-UK cultural collaborations? Read this article with FAQ's to find out.
14 Jan 2021
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the 11th edition, Paris.
13 Jan 2021
Dutch artists Hannie van den Bergh and Jan van den Berg created 'exformation' with the support of the Shared Cultural Heritage Programme of DutchCulture.
7 Jan 2021
This year's Verbier Art Summit will take place virtually on 29 & 30 January. What role can art and artists play in ecological change?
5 Jan 2021
The Goethe-Institut develops the online cultural calendar for international cultural offers.
22 Dec 2020
A budget of more than €2.4 billion for the cultural and creative sectors, including journalistic media.
24 Dec 2020
The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts brings Dutch theatre and dance for young audiences to the United States through Virtual Field Trips.
17 Dec 2020
The Netherlands Cultural Institute Online (NCIO) makes Dutch culture visible in the largest online showcase of Dutch arts and culture in China.
10 Dec 2020
Early December IQMF took place both on & offline. Live film screenings, online talks and an online club night; an impression of a festival with a closed bar.
10 Dec 2020
The Boekman Foundation marks its 125th publication with an overview of the 5 decades of Dutch governmental contribution to international cultural cooperation.
10 Dec 2020
Jeroen van Waardenberg shares his plans for the future, tells us about his media experience and favourite artwork.
9 Dec 2020
Colourful and humorous, the woven tapestry tells the story of Tsar Peter the Great and celebrates more than three centuries of Russian-Dutch cultural ties.
8 Dec 2020
DutchCulture is per 1 februari 2021 op zoek naar een enthousiaste, leergierige stagiair(e) redactie/communicatie (24-32 uur) die van aanpakken houdt.
8 Dec 2020
A portal for independent professionals and organisations operating in the international creative industry shows what grants and schemses are available.
7 Dec 2020
How can urban culture and creativity be a driver of social impact? A series organised together with Pakhuis de Zwijger.
3 Dec 2020
DutchCulture's director Cees de Graaff was recently elected president of EUNIC. Here's a closer look at what the network does and at the new president's plans.
3 Dec 2020
On December 3 and 5, 'Letter to My Mother' will be screened at International Queer & Migrant Film Festival (IQMF). We talked to its director Amina Maher.
1 Dec 2020
Find an overview of all of our videos of the past year, for example Infected Cities, Forum on European Culture and more.
22 Nov 2020
25 November it will be 45 years since Suriname became independent. This article briefly focuses on this historical event through film and poetry.
19 Nov 2020
‘Our World 2018-2020’ shows photos and stories highlighting the natural world and humanity’s impact on it, at Bund 18 Jiushi Art Gallery in Shanghai, China.
19 Nov 2020
Dutch art books, artists and designers play a central role in the newly-developed Virtual Art Book Fair, which is available until 23 November.

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