6 Jul 2020
With this article we want to offer tools from the field of art and culture that can offer new perspectives on the topicality and history of anti-black racism.
2 Jul 2020
Nxt Museum will open on 29 August in Amsterdam. It is the first museum in the Netherlands that is entirely dedicated to New Media Art.
13 Jul 2020
Literary organisation Wintertuin in Nijmegen was a few months into the programme Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA), when COVID-19 interfered.
1 Jul 2020
Ginna Brock’s keynote speech during DutchCulture's colloquium on cosmopolitanism in the arts.
26 Jun 2020
In times where hardly any offline events take place, the Dutch artists Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács opened a solo exhibition in Chengdu’s A4 Art Museum.
26 Jun 2020
‘It’s Dutch Design’: international perspectives on something typically Dutch.
23 Jun 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the fourth edition, Moscow.
22 Jun 2020
EUNIC Global has analysed the impact of the crisis of its members, the cultural sector will only recover if peoples of the world can collaborate and meet.
18 Jun 2020
This article follows the author’s recent talk with Annemarie de Wildt, curator of the Amsterdam Museum and one of the curators of its new online exhibition.
17 Jun 2020
Hoe heeft DutchCulture internationale culturele samenwerking gestimuleerd in 2019? En welke thema's en activiteiten hebben we uitgelicht dat jaar?
12 Jun 2020
On 4 June, the Council for Culture published its advice for the period 2021-2024.
2 Jun 2020
A reflection on DutchCulture’s colloquium on translocality in the arts.
11 Jun 2020
The Perception Change Project of the UN organised the online art contest The Future We Want, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.
8 Jun 2020
DutchCulture gathered 40 international experts in Amsterdam to discuss values and practicalities of fair(er) international cultural cooperation.
7 Jun 2020
Dutch cultural organisations have been able to reopen to the public since 1 June. Cultuurmarketing spoke to a few of them about their approach and plans.
3 Jun 2020
Op 4 juni maakte de Raad voor Cultuur haar adviezen voor de periode 21-24 bekend.
3 Jun 2020
An interview with director Lucas van der Velden on a project aiming to stimulate collaborations with nearby territories.

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