9 Oct 2019
Follwing the visit of the King and Queen of the Netherlands, Dutch authors are presenting their work in Brandenburg.
1 Oct 2019
Four heritage experts from New York discussed the multiplicity of perspectives on Dutch colonial history through the DutchCulture visiting programme.
19 Sep 2019
After receiving the Dutch theatre award De Gouden Krekel, 'Martin Luther King' will be shown at the Gavroche International Festival in Moscow this weekend.
18 Sep 2019
After packing out the numbers and illustrating the trends and developments per country; we take a final look at Dutch cultural activities in 2018 worldwide.
16 Sep 2019
Beyond Tokyo - the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Japan strategically focused its cultural activities on Kyoto in 2018.
9 Sep 2019
In fall 2019, DutchCulture and partners are running the programme Indonesia Now: Jakarta edition with events in both Jakarta and Amsterdam.
9 Sep 2019
London and the music industry dominate the Dutch cultural production in the UK. But it is well worth looking beyond the capital and discover new opportunities.
5 Sep 2019
BeST-NL was a cultural programme that took place in China, Japan and South Korea, aimed at creators there and in the Netherlands.
4 Sep 2019
The 2018 data clearly shows the positive impact of policy making, and the resulted interdisciplinary cultural programme NEDxPO2018.
2 Sep 2019
HAU director Annemie Vanackere opened our fully booked meet-up on internationalisation with a keynote about the dynamics of the international cultural climate.
2 Sep 2019
Two experts of the National Archives of the Netherlands conducted a course on digitisation of archives at the Western Cape Archives and Records Service.
21 Aug 2019
The amount of registered Dutch cultural activities in Turkey increased with a staggering 334% in 2018. We take a closer look at and behind these numbers.
12 Aug 2019
Deadlines: 31 oktober en 16 december 2019 (13.00 uur)
21 Aug 2019
Despite the sometimes difficult bilateral relations, artists and cultural organisations keep creating art together. And the numbers are growing...
6 Aug 2019
Looking into the international activities by Dutch artists in the United States in 2018 leads to surprising facts: these cities and festivals are booming!
30 Jul 2019
In the aftermath of the Notre Dame fire we explore what the Netherlands has to offer when it comes to protecting heritage and recovering from disaster.
30 Jul 2019
The world of animation is ever-expanding and Dutch creatives are assuming a leading role. A conversation with specialists in the sector.
29 Jul 2019
MME consists of a funding programme, policy development, dialogue with the sector and a European award for popular music. How are things coming along so far?
23 Jul 2019
Italy stays what it has always been: an inviting, fertile and inspiring cultural context, especially for the design and performing arts sector.
18 Jul 2019
The play Re:Creating Europe by ITA recently restaged at Manchester International Festival. Writer Michael Morpurgo gave an extraordinary speech to introduce it.
15 Jul 2019
The annual Embassy Culture Days is one of the most important events for Dutch embassy employees - keeping them up-to-date and inspiring them with new ideas.

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