Margot Llompart, Head of International Cultural Policy & Coordination

Margot Llompart 

Culture offers an inside view of a world that isn’t your own, or stimulates you to reflect on your own life world. It makes one think and dream, but most importantly, culture brings people together. Culture’s power to connect is vital to me. I have held various positions in the state public sector, both domestically and abroad, and then often with responsibility for cultural dossiers.  

My career started at Amnesty International, however, so in the field of human rights. This is where I witnessed what it means for people when fundamental rights and certainties are not a matter of course. That’s why the UNESCO motto appeals to me so strongly: ‘Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed’. By taking an interest in each other and working together, you can better understand each other and will not be inclined to wage war. This motto was formulated in 1945, but is still as relevant as ever today.  

That’s precisely why international cultural collaboration, in which DutchCulture plays such an important role, is so important. That’s why I’m so glad to work here. And is also why, as the head of International Cultural Policy & Coordination, I am so proud to work with this team of passionate and professional people!