Muziris Heritage Project

Built Heritage
Heritage ยป Monuments
Project start: 
1 January 2008
Project end: 
1 January 2012
The Muziris Heritage projects aims to reinstate the historical and cultural significance of the port of Muziris, in the Indian state of Kerala. Muziris has been a point of commerce for over 2500 years, which traded a variety of products with Greeks and Romans, and served as a doorway to India for various cultures and races such as Buddhists, Arabs, Chinese, Jews, Romans, Portuguese, Dutch and British. This has left the area with numerous monuments from these era's. The Government of Kerala has initiated this project, which will involve and integrate the local community in all intended developmental initiatives. For more information see the official website OBJECTIVES - To promote awareness and understanding of the cultural distinctiveness and diversity of Muziris - To conserve cultural assets and safeguard them for the present and future generations - To practice and promote sustainable development - To promote participative approach towards conservation and restoration - To ensure accessibility for all - To include the heritage of Muziris in regional educational programmes - To integrate and heritage management for mutual synergy (Source:
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Benny Kuriakose
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