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Meet team T-R-E-M

10 April 2018
Meet our advisors Veysel Yuce, Lenka Boswijk, Wladimir Riphagen and Myriam Sahraoui. They offer advice on collaborating with Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco.

One of the Dutch international cultural policy aims is to create more room for culture, as a means of contributing to a safer, more just and future-ready world. As a part of that effort, cultural relations are specifically encouraged with a number of nations: Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco.

Introducing the team 
For Dutch cultural players who wish to engage with parties in these countries, DutchCulture has appointed four advisors to support artists and organisations practically and with information, for instance by organising meet-ups and visitors’ programmes.   

The advisor for Morocco, Myriam Sahraoui, was born and raised in Morocco and has ample experience as a cultural and social entrepreneur, including as co-founder of Zina theatre company. “I wish to bring the beauty of Moroccan art and culture and its contemporary developments more into the picture, and to help build bridges with Dutch culture makers. I believe that by fostering creative encounters between the Netherlands and Morocco, more dialogue, empathy and compassion will follow naturally.” Follow Myriam on Twitter: @SahraouiMyriam 

The advisor for Turkey, Veysel Yuce, is of Turkish origin and has ample experience in project management and consultancy for Dutch and Turkish cultural organisations wishing to work together. “Today, it is more important than ever to work with Turkish cultural organisations. That way we can strive to let all the voices in Turkey be heard, and to ensure that these organisations will still exist tomorrow.” Follow Veysel on Twitter: @VeyselYuce0

The advisor for Egypt, Wladimir Riphagen, spent two years living in Cairo and has contributed to various educational projects in the Middle East.  “The many young and ambitious cultural entrepreneurs in Egypt are contributing to a positive view of the world. I am eager to show this in the Netherlands, and I like putting makers here and in Egypt in touch with each other.” Follow Wladimir on Twitter: @wladrip

Advisor Lenka Boswijk previously worked at the Dutch Consulate General in St Petersburg and is a project manager specialising in dance. “I believe in the transformative power of art and I see lots of inventive ideas and projects emerging in the Russian cultural sector. I am very motivated to encourage further Dutch-Russian collaboration.” Follow Lenka on Instagram: @Lenka.Boswijk. Lenka succeeds advisor Ruben Eijkelenberg, who has joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ diplomatic training course, after managing many projects for DutchCulture.

New generation, new future 
The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Education, Culture and Science (OCW), the Prince Claus Fund, the Creative Industries Fund NL, Het Nieuwe Instituut and DutchCulture are collaborating closely to achieve the goals of the international cultural policy. The following programmes have been developed with a specific focus on countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Egypt and Russia: The Next Generation, Creative Twinning, International Visitors Programmes and Sustainable, inclusive cities & societies. The programmes offer funding and networking opportunities for cultural collaborations between the Netherlands and said countries. Read more about the approach and conditions here. 

Would you like to know more about collaborating with Turkey, Russia, Egypt or Morocco? Contact one of our advisors, email addresses are listed in the right-hand column. 

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