Trainstation Sao Bento, Porto, Portugal

Photo: Claudio Schwarz, @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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In the period 2019-2020, DutchCulture has committed to developing a sustainable approach to Dutch-European heritage. The goal is to reinforce networks, knowledge exchange, and cooperation between the Netherlands and other European countries and partners in the field of heritage. DutchCulture aims to encourage, inform and support the Dutch heritage world by fulfilling these objectives. For more information, see our Europa + Heritage page.

One of the tools that we developed is a travel grant. This grant is set up specifically for Dutch heritage professionals to strengthen their network within Europe and knowledge exchange with European colleagues. The reports that we receive from grant recipients after their trip are shared below. We hope that this will help you identify new partners and find relevant events within Europe.

  • Who: Stichting Nationale Archeologiedagen   
  • Topic: Archaeology   
  • Where: Paris, France    
  • When: 2-12-2019    5-12-2019
  • What: Meeting European colleagues that work on their National Archeology Days. Introducting the Dutch Young Underground Professionals network        
  • Who: De Appel
  • Topic: Archives
  • Where: Budapest, Hongary.
  • When: 20-02-2020  21-03-2020
  • What: International Conference of the Artpool Art Research Center
  • Who: National Restoration Foundation
  • Topic: Built Heritage
  • Where: Brussel, Belgium 
  • When: 03-03-2030 
  • What: Exchanging idea and knowledge with our Flemish equal; Vlaamse Erfgoedkluis. They have a different workmethod that could be relevant for the Dutch Heritage field.