Sophie Logothetis
Advisor - Europe for Citizens & EUNIC

Sophie Logothetis, Europe for Citizens - EUNIC

Sophie Logothetis, Europe for Citizens - EUNIC

I work as a programme manager for the Europe for Citizens programme and as a liaison for the EUNIC Netherlands network. My job is to help people with their application for the EU citizenship and democratisation programme and to help them implement their projects. With EUNIC I help create cultural projects that demonstrate and celebrate the various cultural riches that Europe has to offer.

I completed a BA in History followed by an MA in Eastern European studies at the University of Amsterdam. I subsequently came to focus on European culture by organising cultural events, working as a language coach with refugees, and organising training courses for adult learners as part of the training course Social innovation in Europe – Dealing with conflict and diversity. My drive is to change the current negative paradigm of Europe and to help transform Europe into a solidarity-focused and democratically unified continent.  

My dream is for a united European federal republic to arise in the next decades. I am inspired by the words of George Steiner in his essay The Idea of Europe:


These are dreams, perhaps unforgivably naïve. But there are practical ends worth aiming for
George Steiner