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In 2017, Dutch artists have been present in 2354 cities around the globe
17 jan 2019
Fotograaf Ad van Denderen en journalist Margalith Kleijwegt over het Zuid-Afrikaanse fotografieproject Welkom Today.
8 jan 2019
Throughout 2019, Never Grow Up! presents an abundance of Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences in the United States.
7 jan 2019
Interview with Jude Henderson, director of the Federation of Scottish Theatre, about Brexit and the possible consequences for the cultural sector in Scotland.
17 dec 2018
From now on, anyone can easily overview all Dutch cultural activities abroad. The database contains over 5500 profiles that can be searched and contacted.
13 dec 2018
Europe Day 2018: Andrew Murray, expert in cultural relations and diplomacy, feels that the Brexit is only one of many issues facing the EU’s cultural climate.
4 dec 2018
A look at the wealth of Central European culture: an interview with the Flemish/Polish writer and philosopher Alicja Gescinska.
13 dec 2018
Europe Day 2018: keynote speaker and Dutch author Jaap Scholten lives in Hungary. He tells us what it’s like to step outside your comfort zone. Let us learn!
4 dec 2018
Playfulness is a recurring theme in the Dutch culture. There seems to be a particular gamesome gene in our culture, starting all the way back with Erasmus.
19 nov 2018
Remco Vermeulen, country advisor Indonesia, was on working visit in Jakarta and reported daily.
20 nov 2018
After a five-month renovation, Erasmus Huis in Jakarta is opening its doors again this week, with a modernized theater, gallery and library.
29 nov 2018
How DutchCulture’s brand new database can bring international collaboration between people forward.
16 nov 2018
Interview: artist-in-residence Adam Belarouchia. "The global virtual world is just a mouse-click away, but such a far cry from the reality of Moroccan society"...
21 nov 2018
Jinyi Oh, Haejung Kwon (Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture) and Juyoun Lim, Miseon Song (Arts Council Korea) are visiting the Netherlands, 21-24 Nov 2018.
23 nov 2018
The program provides a platform for artists and cultural operators from both the Netherlands and South Korea to exchange information and insights.
5 okt 2018
Renewal of the collaborative partnership in various art and cultural (inter-)disciplines
12 jun 2018
Eleven new projects will receive support from DutchCulture’s Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund.
4 jun 2018
A symposium in Amsterdam on June 21st will explore the idea, production and circulation of Indonesian modern art in relation to the country’s colonial past.
20 jun 2018
The European Union has formulated a common strategy for international cultural relations. This is also advantageous for the Netherlands.
26 okt 2018
The Netherlands is known as an international front runner in the creation of arts and culture specifically for children.
8 jun 2018
The second edition of the Forum on European Culture, 31 May-3 June 2018 in Amsterdam, was a huge success. DutchCulture, De Balie and 10 venues joined forces.
1 jun 2018
DutchCulture joined forces with IETM and On the Move to produce a new toolkit for fairer international collaborations in the arts.
12 jun 2018
The two countries will continue deepening cultural cooperation and exchanges as well as sharing knowledge, information and professional expertise.
10 apr 2018
Meet our advisors Veysel Yuce, Lenka Boswijk, Wladimir Riphagen and Myriam Sahraoui. They offer advice on collaborating with Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco.
22 nov 2017
DutchCulture studied the cultural policy of neighbouring countries in terms of internationalisation and regionalisation.
27 jun 2017
With its Arts Plan 2017-2020, Amsterdam is making a strong effort towards globalisation. DutchCulture was commissioned to draw up the city’s cultural footprint.

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