Daan Lavies

Daan Lavies (1985) subsequently studied Human Geography (BSc.) and History of Architecture (MA) at the Utrecht University. During an internship at the Dutch embassy in Maputo, he conducted research into the presence of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) along the East-African coast. Also his master thesis, concerned design variations in early modern military architecture, focussed on East-Africa, since the Portuguese fortress of São Sebastião at Ilha de Moçambique proved to be an interesting subject for a case-study. After graduation Daan Lavies has remained involved in various projects concerning history of landscape and architecture, with emphases on projects concerning military architecture and mutual heritage. He is an active member of ICOMOS-Netherlands and the Menno van Coehoorn Foundation. As a freelance consultant Daan Lavies has recently worked on projects for The Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency and Delft University of Technology.

History of Architecture