DutchCulture videos and podcasts 2022

DutchCulture videos and podcasts 2022

Find an overview of this year's videos and podcasts, for example Artists in Conversation: Germany and Equal Exchange when working abroad.
Country Focus

In this series, we meet with experts and makers from different focal countries.

An Afropean Evening with Johny Pitts

What does it mean to be black in today’s Europe? That’s what British writer, photographer and tv-presenter Johny Pitts attempted to find out while travelling the continent back in 2015. He captured his findings in the impressive travelogue Afropean: Notes from Black Europe. Johnny Pitts was a guest at the Forum on European Culture in 2020. Together with De Balie, partner of the Forum, we hosted an evening to present the Dutch translation of the book: Afropeaan, Notities uit Zwart Europa.

Together with Johny Pitts, we immersed ourselves in 'Black Europe' with sounds, words, images and music through the lens of several Dutch artists.

Live stream opening of 'The Other Story, Moroccan Modernism' in CoBrA Museum

From 15 April until 18 September 2022, guest curator Abdelkader Benali (1975) will fill the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen with Moroccan art. For the first time in the Netherlands, some 40 Moroccan artists will be brought together to provide an overview of the development of Moroccan modern art from the country’s independence in 1956 to the present day.

The opening of the exhibition took place during a live stream, in which we take you on a tour around the most interesting subjects and objects of the exhibition, together with guest speakers and moderator Myriam Sahraoui, DutchCulture's Morocco advisor.

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Dutch subtitles during the French spoken parts
DutchCulture podcast: tips & tricks for working in the United Kingdom after Brexit

Working as a Dutch (based) artist, musician, dancer or performer in the UK has not been very easy since Brexit. In this podcast, we will help you find your way. How to get an ATA carnet for your musical instruments? Do you need a visa? Kilian Kayser, percussionist of the Amsterdam band Personal Trainer performed twice in the UK last year and shares his experience in our 15-minute podcast (in Dutch).

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De Amsterdamse band Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer
DutchCulture on Tour

DutchCulture on Tour reist langs de provincies in Nederland om lokale makers en organisaties te helpen bij hun stappen naar werken in het buitenland. Er zijn adviseurs aanwezig met kennis van specifieke landen, Europese subsidiemogelijkheden, mobiliteitsvraagstukken, erfgoed en informatie over residenties wereldwijd.

Bijvoorbeeld: wat kun je doen om je internationale netwerk te vergroten? Hoe vind je professionele partners in het buitenland? Welke programma's en subsidieregelingen bestaan er voor kunstenaars om internationale samenwerking aan te gaan? En wat voor rol spelen de Nederlandse ambassades hierin? Meld je aan voor een of meerdere infosessies met onze adviseurs via het inschrijfformulier. Zo helpen we je minstens één stap verder in je buitenlandambities.

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Terugblik op DutchCulture on Tour: Editie Brabant. Februari 2022.
Equal exchange when working abroad

We have been hosting a session on mobility and reciprocity. For example, when working abroad: how do you not only work for your own advantage but also give back to the community you are visiting? How can this visit be a co-production based on reciprocity and what are concrete examples of this? What is holding us back from co-creating and working on a basis of equal exchange?

We looked at this topic from the perspective of the individual artist to large festivals and funding bodies that deal with the same questions.

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Equal exchange when working abroad
Artists in Conversation - edition Germany

Artists in Conversation is a series of broadcasts by DutchCulture in which we learn about cultural climates abroad. By offering artists the opportunity to engage in conversation with each other, we not only get to know the artists and their practices, but also the cultural sector of the environment they work in. Every edition of the series consists of a dialogue between an artist from the Netherlands and an artist from another country. Moreover, upcoming talents will be given the opportunity to present their work during the programme.

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In this edition, German performance artist and author Anne Pretzsch reads an announcement that touches upon the cultural climate in Germany and her own experience as an artist. Afterwards, Louna Sbou (artistic director of Oyoun, Berlin) and Myriam Sahraoui (DutchCulture's Morocco advisor & co-founder of Zina platform, now Female Economy) respond to Pretzsch's announcement and connect it to the cultural environments in which they operate.

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