Open invitation

Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Climate Change Visitors 


International cultural directors, artists, thinkers, scientists, critics, policymakers and funders with a focus on climate issues and who are actively invested in the topic of fair international cultural cooperation, are called upon to apply for the gathering on Friday December 6. 

The discussion will be supported by a keynote speaker and additional reading concerning Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Climate Change. The goal of this gathering is to identify, on a cross-disciplinary basis, current conventions and best practices. See for further exploration of the theme below.

Having started the series of gatherings in early 2018, DutchCulture and international partners explore the possibility of an internationally sourced and accepted code of conduct encompassing a wide variety of perspectives and practices. Each gathering covers a specific theme: funding in 2018, climate change this year and, hopefully, heritage in 2020.

Crucial dates

October 17:  Deadline for applications

October 24: Announcement final selection of participants

December 4: First day of the international visitors programme (6 participants)

December 5: Second day of the international visitors programme (6 participants)

December 6: Gathering Fair International Cultural Cooperation (full group)

Goals of the gathering 

During this session in December 2019, we will be asking ourselves: how can international cultural cooperation be considered fair with respect to the climate?


Applications with additional programme and financial compensation

In order to ensure a proper global representation DutchCulture has the possibility to financially cover € 500,- airline travel, full accommodation and domestic transport for six foreign visitors. This option is limited to non-EU/US residents who are skilled in the English language. This option comes with an additional a two-day programme in which the participants will have the possibility to expand their network and experience Dutch examples in the field of art and climate before they participate in the gathering on Fair International Cultural Cooperation – Climate Change. See for more information on the international visitors programme below.


Name and contact details

On the last form page we will ask you to attach a copy of your passport, Schengen visa (if applicable) and a recent photo.

All data provided will be removed from our systems after the selection has been made.