Gert Oostindie


Currently, Gert Oostindie is a Professor in Caribbean History at Leiden University (Institute for History) and Director of KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies).

Gert Oostindie is an expert in Caribbean history and Dutch colonial history, with further specialisation in Ethnicity in the Caribbean, and Migration in the Caribbean. He has served on many editorial, scholarly, and governmental committees both in the Netherlands and abroad. And he wrote and/or edited numerous publications on his areas of expertise.

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The Atlantic World and the Dutch (AWAD) (Project)

To name a few: (Publication)
Oostindie, Gert et al: ''Postkoloniale monumenten in Nederland'' / ''Post-colonial monuments in the Netherlands'' (text in Dutch and English) KITLV Press, 2011 (Publication)
Oostindie, Gert (ed):''De gouveneurs van de Nederlandse Antillen sinds 1815'' KITLV Press, 2011 (Publication)
Oostindie, Gert: ''History Brought Home: Postcolonial Migrations and the Dutch Rediscovery of Slavery'' in ''Migration, Trade, and Slavery in an Expanding World: Essays in Honor of Pieter Emmer'' ed. by Wim Klooster, IDC Publishers, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers and VSP, 2009 pp 305-328 (Publication)
Oostindie, Gert: ''Etnicity in the Caribbean: Essays in Honor of Harry Hoetink'' Amsterdam University Press, 2005 (Publication)
Oostindie, Gert, Klinkers, Inge: ''Decolonising the Caribbean: Dutch Policies in a Comparative Perspective'' Amsterdam University Press, 2003 (Publication)

University of Utrecht PhD