Netherlands ICOMOS Student Helpdesk

ICOMOS Student Help Desk aims at generating and stimulating research into the architectural and town planning history of previous overseas possessions in order to broaden our insight and knowledge. In addition, students may investigate current design concepts, adaptive re-use, conservation, transformation, refurbishments, etc. A study on overseas architecture or town planning start off with an analysis of study material available in the Netherlands. Study guidance will be provided by a team of specialists. The necessity and possibilities of site visit(s) will be investigated by you, your lecturer, and if necessary an advisor. The Student Help Desk operates under the auspices of the Dutch section of the ICOMOS Scientific Committee on Shared Built Heritage (SBH). The SBH committee was established in Stockholm in 1998 with a view to conduct research into the built heritage of colonial powers worldwide during the period of their hegemony. Since 2009 the committee has expanded its territory and consequently at present also studies architecture and town planning that results from multi-cultural colonial influence. For more information on the opportunities offered by the ICOMOS Shared Built Heritage Student Help Desk, please contact P.K.M. (Pauline) van Roosmalen PhD., J.P. (Jean-Paul) Corten MA., or the contact person at your university. OBJECTIVES Generating and stimulating research into the architectural and town planning history of previous Dutch overseas possessions. See also: Pauline van Roosmalen (Expert) Nicolas Ivor (Expert)
Involved organisations: 
University of Groningen, Faculty of Arts
Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society
Leiden University Faculty of Archaeology
Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities
Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication
Radboud University Nijmegen, Institute for Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies
Technical University Eindhoven, Department of Architecture, Building and Planning
University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Humanities
VU University Amsterdam, Faculty of Arts
Funding organisations: 
Homogeneous Budget for International Cooperation
Netherlands Architecture Fund
Netherlands Organisation for International Cooperation in Higher Education
Prince Claus Fund, Cultural Emergency Response
Doctor Catharina van Tussenbroek Foundation
Van Eesteren-Fluck & Van Lohuizen Foundation
World Monuments Fund
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
Van Ewijck Foundation
Partner country(ies) : 
Sri Lanka
South Africa