DutchCulture | Turkey supports and promotes cultural cooperation between the Netherlands and Turkey.

Cultural Exchange Turkey side has being integrated into Dutchculture.nl.  This integrating is taking place in phases. While the Cultural Mapping Turkey 2011 is already available, other features of Cultural Exchange Turkey well become available in a later phase. Information on the cultural policy of the Netherlands towards Turkey is already available in Dutch and very soon also in English.  


Turkey is a priority country in Dutch international cultural policy (2017-2020). For more than four centuries now, the Netherlands and Turkey have maintained intensive relations in various spheres, including culture.

Dutch artists are active in virtually all countries of the world. However, in the framework of a multi-year strategic commitment, the Dutch government particularly stimulates activities in a number of priority countries among which also Turkey. In addition to this, a tailor made approach will be adopted. The idea is to help strengthen the Dutch profile in those countries and establish a good position for the cultural and creative sector.

DutchCulture contributes to the expansion and strengthening of the cultural network with Turkish artists and institutes. We (co-)organize gatherings, meetings of experts and work visits to the Netherlands for Turkish cultural professionals. Do you see possibilities or are you busy with a project? DutchCulture | Turkey is a good place to go to for specialized advice.

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