Maandag 28 september 2020   t/m vrijdag 2 oktober 2020  
The 2020-edition of the Embassy Culture Days will take place from 28 September to 2 October in a special format.

Past events

vrijdag 18 september 2020  
A gathering on September 18 to discuss how international cooperation can be organised in a way that is fair in respect to the usage of language.
donderdag 17 september 2020, 14:00 t/m 15:30
An online programme on art and global migration, with Dr. Sudeep Dasgupta, associate professor at the department of media & culture, University of Amsterdam.
donderdag 17 september 2020   t/m zondag 20 september 2020  
The third edition of the Forum on European Culture takes place 17 - 20 September in Amsterdam and via online channels
donderdag 10 september 2020  
DutchCulture on Tour: Editie Brabant gaat door op 10 september in KunstLoc in Tilburg
woensdag 2 september 2020, 14:00 t/m 15:30
COVID-19 heeft internationale culturele samenwerking grotendeels op pauze gezet. Hoe nu verder?
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