Scene from 'We'll do it ourselves' (2015) by Wunderbaum.

Photo: Anke Teunissen, Wunderbaum

Mobility Info Point

The Mobility Info Point can advise you when you have plans to go abroad or when you are working with foreign artists, performers and intermediaries.

The Mobility Info Point at DutchCulture can advise you when you have plans to go abroad, when you are working with foreign artists, performers and intermediaries here in the Netherlands, or when you yourself are a foreign artist or performer working here.

On request, we give information and advice to the Dutch diplomatic network. We also conduct research on best practices and frequently occurring obstacles in international cultural transactions. The Info Point participates on behalf of DutchCulture in the international network for cultural mobility On the Move.

International projects are often a complex mix of working with well-known and lesser-known partners and a variety of financial challenges. You may also have to deal with the rules and regulations of other countries. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the financial possibilities, the relevant networks and the experiences of your colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad.

On this page you will find information about the Dutch rules and regulations, the Dutch cultural infrastructure, and financial possibilities for covering travel, accommodation and production expenses in the Netherlands and abroad.

Government Rules and Regulations in the Netherlands

Are you an artist planning to have an exhibition in the Netherlands? A dancer temporarily working with a Dutch dance company? Have you been invited to do research at a Dutch institute? No matter whether you are working on your own, with a Dutch partner or are part of a larger project, international cultural projects are always subject to rules and regulations. On these pages we cover the most important topics.

Visas and Staying in the Netherlands
Before you get started in the Netherlands, it is important to make sure that you have permission to stay and work here. The conditions under which this is permitted differ considerably, as do the specific rules and regulations for countries and regions with which the Netherlands has agreements. At the link above you will find information about visas, countries that are exceptions, and your administrative obligations.

Working in the Netherlands
Everyone from outside the Netherlands or from outside the EU who has been invited to work in the Netherlands or comes to work here independently must comply with the Dutch and European work regulations. Here you will find links to the relevant government agencies and permits.

Social security
When you come from abroad and are employed in the Netherlands, you are obliged to pay into the Dutch national insurance schemes. And when you have work and income in the Netherlands, this can have consequences for your national insurance contributions in your homeland. This page gives links to the most important government agencies.

Are you employed here? Do you send invoices for your services, sell your work or receive payment for it here? Everyone who receives income or does business in the Netherlands has an obligation to the Dutch tax authorities and/or to the tax authorities in their homeland. Filling out tax forms can be complicated because of the bilateral agreements between countries and because of the different rules and regulations in each country. This page provides links to relevant sources of information on the websites of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration and other organisations.

Financial opportunities

DutchCulture is an information and knowledge institute and does not provide mobility-related funding for artists and creative professionals. However, you can keep an eye on our Funding page where we publish the latest open calls and other funding opportunities for international cultural cofrom partner institutions. Finally, you can download our Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for an overview of public and private funding for international artistic endeavours, fellowships, visitors programmes and artist residencies in the Netherlands.


Contact Mobility Info Point

For more information and tailored advice, you always give us a call (T +3120 616 4225) or send us an e-mail.