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DutchCulture is part of On the Move's network of Mobility Information Points (MIPs). These MIPs are information centres who aim to take away uncertainty about the administrative challenges that artists and cultural professionals face when working across borders.

Mobility Information Point

Mobility Information Point

The Mobility Information Point can advise you when you have plans to go abroad or when you are working with foreign artists, performers and intermediaries.

Working internationally is often self-evident in the cultural sector. Working across borders is inspiring and enriching, but also complex, time-consuming and expensive. Setting up an international project therefore requires preparation in the field of finance, technology and transport, (work) permits, negotiations and agreements with foreign partners and marketing and publicity. Knowledge and experience about this is available from many organizations. This expertise is collected by DutchCulture through the Mobility Information Point and shared via our website.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can reach us by phone +31(0)20 616 4225 or by e-mail l.meijer@dutchculture.nl.

Rules and Regulations in the Netherlands

On these pages you will find information about the Dutch rules and regulations, the Dutch cultural infrastructure, and financial possibilities for covering expenses associated with international cultural travel and presentation.

Short-stay visas for the Schengen area
Whether you are planning to come to the Netherlands for a short visit or to stay for a longer period of time, you might be required to apply for a visa to enter the Netherlands.

Working in the Netherlands as a non-EU citizen
Everyone from outside the EU who has been invited to work in the Netherlands or comes to work here independently needs to secure labor market access. Read more about the different types of work permits and learn if you need one.

Settling in the Netherlands as a self-employed artist
If you are planning to settle in the Netherlands as a visual artist, musician, dancer or designer, you might be eligible for a residence permit for the purpose of self-employment.

Social security and working in different European countries
Individuals who are temporarily working abroad must take action in order to remain under the social security coverage of one's home country to avoid double social security payments. Learn more about working and getting paid in another European country.

Taxation of performing artists' fees
When working across borders you might have tax obligations in different countries. This might mean that individuals and organisations pay taxes twice. This page seeks to make you aware of the double taxation pitfalls.

Finding financial opportunities

DutchCulture specialises in helping you to find funding opportunities for international projects.

We have done extensive research on mobility related funding for artists and creative professionals making this accessible through our Cultural Mobility Funding Guide 2021-2022.

Not sure on what kind of funding you need? Read our article “At what cost? Understanding funding for international cultural cooperation”.

Subsidies for the cultural and creative sector: the Dutch Cultural Infrastructure (soon to be published)
Funding for the creative and cultural sector is available through different public funds. You can read more about the possibilities here.

Covid-19 Helpdesk

On the following pages we share information on the measures available for those working in the cultural sector during Covid-19.

Helpdesk working across borders during Covid-19
Here you can find country specific information about working outside the Netherlands during Covid-19. This information has been researched and published by DutchCulture's country advisors.

Covid-19: receiving Tozo as a self-employed artist
On this page we share information on the financial support measures available for those working in the cultural sector during Covid-19.

Inviting professionals from abroad: who is exempted from the EU travel ban?
Working together with a cultural or creative professional based outside the European Union? This article explains the entry ban and the exemptions in place.

First aid when drawing up a commission contract with an international maker
This article offers help with respect to drawing up a commission contract with an international maker that incorporates the uncertainties due to Covid-19.

Brexit Helpdesk

It is important for artists and other creative professionals to know that we can continue to connect with our neighbours, artistic colleagues and audiences.

Beyond Brexit: how will the new EU-UK partnership affect cultural collaborations?
Now that the United Kingdom has left the European Union, what will it mean for EU-UK cultural collaborations? Read this article with FAQ's to find out.

Working in the Netherlands as a non-EU citizen
British citizens are now 'third-country nationals' or non-EU citizens with limited freedom of movement and limited access to the Dutch labor market. Read this article to learn about working in the Netherlands as a British citizen post-Brexit.


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Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. You can reach us by phone +31(0)20 616 4225 or by e-mail l.meijer@dutchculture.nl.