Guido van der Werve, Nummer negen The day I didn’t turn with the world (8’40”, time-lapse photography to HD video), Geographic Northpole, 2007. Courtesy of the artist. Photo credit: Ben Geraerts

Photo: Guido van der Werve


DutchCulture supports artists and organizations on obtaining funding for international projects in the areas of culture, media and heritage.

We especially provide advice on schemes of Dutch cultural funds and of a number of European programmes.

Dutch public funds
Our overview of Dutch funding for international activities includes foundations, schemes and programmes to which cultural organizations can apply directly. The emphasis lies on public funds, supplemented by a number of private funds that specifically focus on international activities.

Cultural Mobility Funding Guide
A summary of Dutch grants for travel, stay, research, cooperation, production, and more outside the Netherlands – and for foreign artists to and in the Netherlands – can be found in our Cultural Mobility Funding Guide for the Netherlands. This guide is published yearly in close cooperation with our partners within the cultural mobility information network On The Move.

European Programmes
At the Creative Europe Desk | DutchCulture, you can find all information about the European Union’s Creative Europe programme (2014-2020). This programme supports European cooperation projects in the cultural and audiovisual sector.

The Europe for Citizens Point | DutchCulture provides information and guidance on the possibilities offered by the Europe for Citizens Programme (2014-2020). This programme supports cooperation projects by citizens, local governments and social organizations in the European Union.

In addition to specific programmes for culture, media and social initiatives, the European Union also has funding strands and schemes to which cultural organizations can apply under certain conditions. We have put together a guide to help you easily find these funding possibilities.

Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund
DutchCulture administers a Matching Fund that supports mutual heritage projects by Dutch organizations.