Sambadam - A Brazilian art exhibition in the Mint Hotel Amsterdam

vrijdag 21 oktober 2011 (Hele dag) t/m zondag 6 november 2011 (Hele dag)
Group Exhibition

Lobo, a Brazilian plastic artist would like to invite you to visit his newest exhibition "Sambadam", which integrates cultural elements from Brazil and Holand in a Pop Art style.

Visit the exhibition (free entrance) and Participate in the cultural concurs to win an original Samdadam art work. You need only to use your criativity and imagination:

Create a phrase based on the theme “IN THE STREETS OF AMSTERDAM” and concur an unique art of the artist Lobo (size 80X80cm) from his exhibition Sambadam.

The most creative phrase in the opinion of the artist wins!

Visit the website  and fill out the form fields.