Água Carioca exhibition in Rio de Janeiro opens

Água Carioca exhibition in Rio de Janeiro opens

On 10 April 2014 the Dutch architecture firm Ooze opened the exhibition Água Carioca in Rio de Janeiro at Studio-X Rio. The exhibition features four interim results of Constructed Wetlands, self-supporting water purification systems that replicate the natural digestive system. The exhibition forms part of a study into water management supported by the Creative Industries Fund NL.

The research project Água Carioca analyzes the potentialities for natural, self-sufficient and decentralized small-scale water management in informal settlements by means of several case studies in Rio de Janeiro. The research will result in an innovative design proposal for a pilot project in the Maré district, integrating a closed water cycle into its social, spatial and ecological context. With the exhibition Água Carioca and a publication in the form of a magazine, Ooze aims to create heightened public awareness for the potential of such alternative systems and hopes to raise funding to implement and realize this pilot project in 2014.

At the opening of the exhibition the documentary Água Carioca Diários was launched: the film investigates through a series of interviews the problem of water supply, water management and sewage treatment in the city of Rio de Janeiro. The documentary shows how a distributed system of wetlands could potentially eliminate these problems in an economical and sustainable way.

Watch the trailer Água Carioca Diários

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