10 juli 2018

New projects supported by Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund

Eight international projects receive contributions from the Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund.

Welkom, 1990, Ad van Denderen

The Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund (2017-2020) supports projects that contribute to greater awareness of shared cultural heritage. For the current round of applications, the following projects have been granted funding:

  • South Sulawesi Reconsidered: This project comprises an Indonesian translation of Thuis gelooft niemand mij, a Dutch biographical novel revolving around the South Sulawesi Campaign (1946-1947), and, through the lens of the novel, discussions and mutual reflection on the Dutch-Indonesian colonial past.
  • Indonesian Music – jazz and classical: two exhibitions, one on jazz in the Indies and one on the Netherlands Music Institute’s collection of classical music with Indonesian influences. The exhibitions will be shown in Indonesia and the Netherlands, accompanied by a publication on Indonesian jazz and several concerts and lectures in both countries.
  • Bogor project: the Royal Rotterdam Lloyd Museum Foundation is donating small parts of its collection to the Indonesian Plantation Entrepreneurs Association for a permanent exhibition on the Rotterdamsche Lloyd shipping company and the shipment of plantation products to Europe and the Netherlands. The Bogor project follows the Batavia and Medan project.
  • Welkom Today: an interactive educational programme on apartheid in collaboration with three schools in the South African towns of Welkom and Thabong that reflects on the past and thinks about the future. The programme will be accompanied by a book, a documentary and a multivocal travelling exhibition in South Africa and the Netherlands. Read more about the project on the website of Welkom Today.
  • Audio tours Shared Cultural Heritage in New York: Dutch Heritage World Tours will develop free multilingual audio tours on Shared Cultural Heritage in New York State. The audio tours will be available on the izi.Travel app.
  • Verlander, the Lure of Cornelis Chastelein: Exhibition in the Netherlands and Indonesia on Cornelis Chastelein (1657-1714), who had 150 slaves that he freed and made collective owners of his agricultural holding in Depok. Descendants of those slaves still live in Depok today. Verlander is a project by photographer Geert Snoeijer, who previously received a grant from the Matching fund for the project Dutch Diaspora in 2014.
  • Edo Sanpu 2020: Artists’ dialogue about imaging ourselves and the other, presented in Japan and the Netherlands. It consists of four mutually related art projects, inspired by four distinctive aspects of the relationship between the Netherlands and Japan (past and present). In particular: trade & transport, food & table manners, language & games and knowledge & science. All four projects will be executed and exhibited in both Japan and the Netherlands. Find more info on the website of Edo Sanpu 2020.
  • iDiscover Colombo: iDiscover is an illustrated map combined with a savvy storytelling app, featuring community-curated heritage trails in historic neighbourhoods in Asian cities. With this project, iDiscover will expand to Colombo, Sri Lanka to leverage the strong Dutch-Sri Lankan shared heritage legacy and promote historic neighbourhoods as attractive cultural destinations.

Applications can be submitted for consideration twice a year. The deadlines for 2018 were 9 April and 15 October. Read more about the Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund and its criteria here.