Suriname: Research for documentary on Nola Hatterman

Suriname: Research for documentary on Nola Hatterman

Onderzoek & Theorie
Preparatory research was done in Suriname for an upcoming film in honour of artist Nola Hatterman.

Field research in Suriname
In-Soo Productions from Rotterdam is currently working on a documentary on the life of artist Nola Hatterman (Amsterdam, 1899 - Paramaribo, 1984) and what she meant - and means - to Suriname and the Netherlands. Together with researcher Ellen de Vries, producer In-Soo Radstake recently visited Suriname to do preparatory research. They visited different places that were important to Hatterman, such as her last home in Brokopondo in the inlands of Suriname. They spoke to people who knew Hatterman personally or who have been inspired by her. The journey provided the inspiration and material to write the definitive script for the documentary, which is planned to be released in 2019.

The life and work of Nola Hatterman
Migration, xenophobia and decolonisation were Hatterman’s most important themes - and they are as relevant now as they were then. In Suriname, Hatterman worked on her own art and on the professionalisation of art education. Toward the end of her life, she retreated to the inlands of Suriname to complete her historical four-panel work on Maroonage, amongst the Maroons. In 1984 Hatterman, then 84 years old, died during a car accident on the way to her own exhibition.

This research project was supported by the Shared Cultural Heritage Matching Fund.

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