Reuse, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch Deal with Heritage (design: Beukers Scholma / Nai010 Publishers)

Photo: Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency

Redevelopment as the future for vacant buildings

Reuse, Redevelop and Design: How the Dutch Deal with Heritage presents twenty inspiring projects that show redevelopment as the solution for vacant buildings

Where there are vacancies, there is room for something new, such as housing or facilities for healthcare or leisure. Surprising combinations often follow, such as a school or community centre in a factory complex, a shop in a church, a recreation area in a military zone. The creative way that Dutch architecture firms deal with heritage is also spreading beyond the country’s borders, as is shown by examples in China, Germany, Italy, Russia, and the United States. The book addresses the story behind the success of redevelopment, exploring possibilities for unoccupied buildings with essays on heritage policy, public-private partnerships, financing and design.

Published in cooperation with the Netherlands Cultural Heritage Agency, the book by Paul Meurs and Marinke Steenhuis also includes contributions by Sander Gelinck, Jean-Paul Corten and Frank Strolenberg. The publication is accompanied by a similarly-named exhibition, which is offered in digital format to the Dutch embassies. The book is available here.