Emma O'Hare, Creative Europe MEDIA

In my job as programme advisor MEDIA at the Creative Europe Desk NL, I inform and advise the Dutch audio-visual sector about the Creative Europe programme. My interest in AV was sparked at an early age – as a child, I was always glued to the screen, no doubt to many people’s dismay. For me personally, television is the most effective way to absorb stories and get an idea of how other people see the world.

After studying philosophy (BA), media studies (BA) and journalism (MA) and spending seven years as a freelancer in the AV sector, I joined the Creative Europe Desk at DutchCulture in early 2019.

Recommended listening
Listening to podcasts really brings out my inner media nerd. You can find a podcast for just about any niche and meta-level analyses of every subject under the sun. I could go on for hours about podcasts you really should give a try, but to stay in the field of media I’ll limit myself to these: Een podcast over Media (in Dutch), NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour, Startup and Camera Loopt (in Dutch).