Installation of Sergey Karev in Street Art Museum St Petersburg

International Cultural Policy

DutchCulture is the government’s partner in the implementation of international cultural policy.

Dutch artists are active in virtually all countries of the world. However, in the framework of a multi-year strategic commitment, the Dutch government particularly stimulates activities in a number of priority countries. In addition to this, a tailor made approach will be adopted for some selected countries. The idea is to help strengthen the Dutch profile in those countries and establish a good position for the cultural and creative sector. We are the proces coordinator of the international cultural policy and we offer advise on cultural collaboration with most of the priority countries. . 

Priority Countries in International Cultural Policy 2017-2020
The priority countries are Belgium/Flanders, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States

Selected countries tailor-made approach 2017-2020
Brazil, Italy, Japan, South Africa, South Korea and Suriname


Selected countries with a focus on a safer, more just and future-ready world 2017-2020
Turkey, Russia, Egypt and Morocco


Shared Cultural Heritage Countries
The Netherlands collaborates on shared cultural heritage with Surinam, Brazil, the United States, Russia, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Japan and Australia.

International Cultural Policy Framework 2017-2020 - eng.pdf