Marcel Feil, Head of International Cultural Policy & Coordination DutchCulture
Marcel Feil
Head of International Cultural Policy & Coordination
m.feil [at] dutchculture.nl

Focal Countries

Focal Countries

DutchCulture offers information, advice, support and coordination for the cultural cooperation with the focal countries.

DutchCulture is the Dutch government’s partner in the implementation of international cultural policy. We offer information, advice, support and coordination for the cultural cooperation with the 23 focal countries in the international cultural policy 2021-2024. We do this in close collaboration with the Dutch diplomatic missions abroad and our (inter)national partners.

Opportunities for cultural cooperation with focal countries
International cultural policy 2021-2024 opts for a targeted, strategic approach in 23 countries: in Europe, on Europe’s borders and beyond. For each focal country, DutchCulture provides information about opportunities for collaboration, Dutch activities in those countries, contact details for advice and more:

Within Europe/on Europe's borders:

Outside Europe:

International cultural policy 2021-2024
The Netherlands’ international cultural policy is a joint responsibility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. The policy focuses on a strong position for the Dutch cultural sector abroad through visibility, exchanges and long-term partnerships. Moreover, Dutch cultural activities can support bilateral relationships with other countries, for example promoting partnerships and contributing to exchanges and dialogue. Another aim is to harness the power of the cultural sector and creative industries in efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, from Sustainable Cities and Communities to Gender Equality.

Cultural collaboration strengthens our ties with other countries and boosts our image. Dutch artists and cultural organizations reach new, different audiences across borders, access a wider market, and gain inspiration from foreign counterparts
International Cultural Policy 2021-2024

Whether you routinely engage in cooperation with one or more focal countries, or are just starting out, we are here to share our network, information and expertise with you. For questions and tailored advice visit our country pages for contact details per country or contact us through focalcountriesdesk@dutchculture.nl