Turkey is experiencing difficult times. Not only is the region unstable; domestic policy also seems to be extremely tense. This also affects Dutch-Turkish relations. Nevertheless, Turkey is a crucial partner for security, migration, economics and European cooperation, among other things. Moreover, the historical and cultural ties between the Netherlands and Turkey go back 400 years.

Those are just some of the reasons why cultural cooperation with Turkey remains extremely important. Turkey offers Dutch artists, professionals and cultural organisations inspiration and reflection. The other way round, the Netherlands is interesting for the Turkish cultural sector because of the possibilities it offers for exchange and presentation.

Connecting role for culture

The complex geopolitical developments and the fact that Turkey is such an important partner for the Netherlands are reasons in themselves to continue cultural cooperation with Turkey in the coming years.

Working together

The Dutch Embassy in Ankara and the Consulate General in Istanbul will especially make a case for cultural exchange in the areas of the performing arts, film (children’s films and documentaries in particular) and the Dutch language and literature. An important part of this is introducing the varied Dutch culture to people throughout all of Turkey, not just in Istanbul. To achieve this, the diplomatic network is working closely with Dutch Performing Arts, the Netherlands Film Fund, EYE Film Institute, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, and DutchCulture.

Interested to learn more about the Turkish cultural field? Coming soon Cultural Map of Turkey.


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