Erin Chang
Database and Website Officer
e.chang [at] dutchculture.nl

About the DutchCulture Database

About the DutchCulture Database

The DutchCulture Database is a unique database that contains data of Dutch international cultural activities in all art disciplines.


The DutchCulture Database tracks the international activities of cultural organisations and artists from the Netherlands. This helps us understand the cultural impact of the Netherlands in other countries. As of 2019, data on events from 2017 onwards are now available online on the DutchCulture website. Events can be searched through the website search bar based on artist, location and discipline. The DutchCulture Database provides an overview of the scope, scale and characteristics of the Dutch International cultural presence.

In the database, we register performances, tours, shows, exhibitions, loans, publications, workshops, residencies, screenings and more. For the composition of the database, we work together with a large group of informants, including sectoral institutions, the cultural funds, the Dutch embassies and consulates and many cultural organisations.

A rich source of data

Every year we create a general overview of the Dutch cultural presence abroad, the so-called DutchCulture Mappings (see the links at the bottom of the page). These overviews include a list of the top fifty countries, an overview of sectors and frequent travellers, as well as insight into trends. On request, we also make specific overviews, for example per country or sector. We also use the database for research and explorations.

Adding Your Activities to the Database

As of this year, we are pleased to introduce the MyDC Portal. The MyDC User Portal is a new feature that allows Dutch or Dutch based artists and cultural organisations to add and edit their own page and activities directly on our website and in our database.

If you're an artist or cultural organisation that is already in the database, you can claim your page and start editing by clicking on the 'pencil' icon on your page. If you're not yet in the database, you can sign up here.

Alternatively, you can fill in the database form and send it email it to us and we will add your information for you.

Improving the DutchCulture Database

We strive to make the DutchCulture Database as comprehensive as possible and collect information from as many sources as we can. However, we recognise that we are not able to capture every international cultural event and our database is not exhaustive. The number of events varies significantly per discipline. This is in large part due to the nature of different disciplines (for example, a 3-month exhibition at a museum and a small concert in a pub both count as one event). We encourage you to look at events per discipline rather than comparing disciplines. We are always looking to make our database more comprehensive; if you have information on international cultural activities or would like more information about the database don't hesitate to get in touch with Erin Chang, our Database Officer.