Guido van der Werve, 'Nummer negen - The day I didn’t turn with the world' (8’40”, time-lapse photography to HD video), Geographic Northpole, 2007. Courtesy of the artist.

Photo: Guido van der Werve


DutchCulture supports artists and organisations on obtaining funding for international projects in the areas of culture, media and heritage.
DutchCulture: information and advice on funding


On this page you can find information on available funding opportunities for artists, cultural practitioners and organisations with international ambitions. DutchCulture is not a funding organisation and does not provide funding for individual cultural and artistic projects, but we can help you find it.

The DutchCulture Mobility Info Point gives information on public and private funding resources available in the Netherlands that allow for artistic (co)productions and collaboration to be realised at an international scale. The Creative Europe Desk and the Europe for Citizens Point provide information on how to participate in the European funding programmes for arts and culture, the audiovisual industry and social initiatives related to European integration and citizenship.

DutchCulture is not a funding organisation and does not provide funding for individual cultural and artistic projects, but we can help you find it
Focus on international funding

DutchCulture specialises in funding available for international projects in which at least one person or entity is involved that is registered as an artists, cultural practitioner or organisation in the Netherlands.

Are you an artist or cultural practitioner living and working in the Netherlands who wants to fund a project which does not (at least partly) take place abroad? Then we recommend looking at the very extensive information on funding for arts and culture provided by Cultuur + Ondernemen (information in Dutch) for funding projects in the Netherlands.

Not sure on what kind of funding you need? Read our article “At what cost? Understanding funding for international cultural cooperation”.

Cultural Mobility Funding Guide

DutchCulture’s Cultural Mobility Funding Guide offers the most complete overview of funding possibilities for international mobility and exchange for artists and cultural professionals in the Netherlands. Our updated 2019-2020 guide includes a total of 85 different funding opportunities that allow for incoming and outgoing mobility of artists and cultural professionals. You can download the Cultural Mobility Funding Guide here.

European Programmes

DutchCulture hosts the Creative Europe Desk (CED) and the Europe for Citizens Point (ECP). The CED provides information and advice on the European Union’s Creative Europe Programme (2014-2020). This programme supports European cooperation projects in the cultural and audiovisual sector.

The ECP provides information and guidance on the possibilities offered by the Europe for Citizens Programme (2014-2020). This programme supports cooperation projects by citizens, local governments and social organisations in the European Union.

In addition to specific programmes for culture, media and social initiatives, the European Union also has funding strands and schemes to which cultural organisations can apply under certain conditions. We have put together a guide to help you find these funding possibilities.

Matching Fund Shared Heritage

DutchCulture administers a Matching Fund that supports shared heritage activities initiated by Dutch legal entities and carried out in collaboration with at least one partner in one or more of the ten partner countries of the Shared Cultural Heritage programme. It also includes a travel compensation fund for Dutch heritage professionals who wish to visit one of the ten partner countries.

Europe + Heritage Programme 2019-2020

DutchCulture coordinates the Europe + Heritage programme, aimed at reinforcing networks, knowledge exchange, and cooperation between the Netherlands and other European countries and partners in the field of heritage. As part of this programme DutchCulture provides travel vouchers for heritage professionals and administers a grant scheme for organising initiatives which strengthen exchange between the Netherlands and Europe in the field of heritage.