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30 Mar 2020
On this page we share information on the effects of COVID-19 on the cultural sector in the Netherlands and the available measures for financial support.
25 Mar 2020
Bij DutchCulture's Mobility Info Point kun je terecht voor informatie, advies en Q&A's, gerangschikt per land, onderwerp en discipline.
17 Sep 2020
The third edition of the Forum on European Culture takes place 18 - 20 September in Amsterdam and via online channels
3 Aug 2020
The Prince Claus Fund supports cultural praxis wherever it is under pressure. Despite a pandemic, their partners still find ways to make a positive impact.
30 Jul 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the 9th edition, Tokyo.
20 Jul 2020
How to prevent cosmopolitanism from becoming rootless in a globalised age?
3 Aug 2020
Voor ons nieuwe team Communicatie & Marketing zoeken wij een Hoofd Communicatie & Marketing (0,8 FTE).
27 Jul 2020
An interview with initiator Minem Sezgin about the impact of gentrification, the effects of COVID-19 on her project, and her response to the crisis.
24 Jul 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organised cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the 7th edition, Johannesburg.
16 Jul 2020
Due to COVID-19, the local initiative FAAM Utrecht discovers the opportunity to connect with a wider and international audience via the digital realm.
14 Jul 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organised nine cross-cultural conversations about metropoles in corona times. Recap of the 6th edition, Shanghai.
13 Jul 2020
Literary organisation Wintertuin in Nijmegen was a few months into the programme Connecting Emerging Literary Artists (CELA), when COVID-19 interfered.
3 Jun 2020
Op 4 juni maakte de Raad voor Cultuur haar adviezen voor de periode 21-24 bekend.
7 Jul 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the third edition, Cairo.
6 Jul 2020
With this article we want to offer tools from the field of art and culture that can offer new perspectives on the topicality and history of anti-black racism
6 May 2020
How do different metropolises deal with the corona pandemic and the value of arts & culture in these cities? A series organised together with Pakhuis de Zwijger
3 Jul 2020
How does COVID-19 expose the inequalities within societies? And how do art and culture professionals contribute to the fight against racial inequality?
1 Jul 2020
Ginna Brock’s keynote speech during DutchCulture's colloquium on cosmopolitanism in the arts.
2 Jul 2020
Nxt Museum will open on 29 August in Amsterdam. It is the first museum in the Netherlands that is entirely dedicated to New Media Art.
2 Jul 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Tokyo? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
26 Jun 2020
In times where hardly any offline events take place, the Dutch artists Persijn Broersen and Margit Lukács opened a solo exhibition in Chengdu’s A4 Art Museum.
26 Jun 2020
‘It’s Dutch Design’: international perspectives on something typically Dutch.
23 Jun 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the fourth edition, Moscow.
25 Jun 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Istanbul? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
22 Jun 2020
EUNIC Global has analysed the impact of the crisis of its members, the cultural sector will only recover if peoples of the world can collaborate and meet.
17 Jun 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organise cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the second edition, Jakarta.
18 Jun 2020
This article follows the author’s recent talk with Annemarie de Wildt, curator of the Amsterdam Museum and one of the curators of its new online exhibition.
2 Jun 2020
COVID-19 urges us to re-establish the legitimation of working abroad and to reformulate ambitions regarding the moral and artistic challenges of globalisation.
17 Jun 2020
Hoe heeft DutchCulture internationale culturele samenwerking gestimuleerd in 2019? En welke thema's en activiteiten hebben we uitgelicht dat jaar?
12 Jun 2020
On 4 June, the Council for Culture published its advice for the period 2021-2024.
18 Jun 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Johannesburg? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
11 Jun 2020
The Perception Change Project of the UN organised the online art contest The Future We Want, on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations.
11 Jun 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Shanghai? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
7 Jun 2020
Dutch cultural organisations have been able to reopen to the public since 1 June. Cultuurmarketing spoke to a few of them about their approach and plans.
3 Jun 2020
An interview with director Lucas van der Velden on a project aiming to stimulate collaborations with nearby territories.
4 Jun 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on São Paulo? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
28 May 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Moscow? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
28 May 2020
Due to a cancelled book fair, the Dutch Foundation for Literature collected video clips from Dutch children’s books authors and illustrators.
26 May 2020
Maarten Doorman’s compelling keynote speech during DutchCulture's colloquium on translocality in the arts.
4 May 2020
TransArtists interviewed the director of Cité internationale des arts in Paris about the importance of art, artists and partnerships in times of COVID-19.
19 May 2020
The Embassy of the Netherlands in Belgium calls on Dutch and Belgian creatives to continue working together during the corona crisis.
19 May 2020
DutchCulture and Pakhuis de Zwijger organize cross-cultural and cross-national conversations about art in corona times. Recap of the first edition, New York.
14 May 2020
Film festivals worldwide have joined forces and present a free online festival on YouTube to be held 29 May - 7 June.
21 May 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Cairo? And how do art and culture professionals respond to the crisis?
4 May 2020
Have a look at the following artists and Artist in Residence programmes in the Netherlands and their take on the current corona crisis.
14 May 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on Jakarta? How does civil society repond to the crisis? And what role does culture play?
4 May 2020
An interview with visual artist Moritz Ebinger about his residency in Surinam, corona and its effects on the Surinamese economy and cultural field.
8 May 2020
How can art help us in pandemic times? Since the corona outbreak, initiatives have been launched putting art forward as pillar of consolation and encouragement.
7 May 2020
What is the impact of the coronavirus on New York City? Who supports the people who are affected most? And what role does art and culture play?
4 May 2020
The Amsterdam Museum is making an exhibition about the impact of COVID-19 on the city of Amsterdam and the daily life of its inhabitants.
4 May 2020
Freemuse’s new report State of Artistic Freedom 2020 is an in-depth analysis of 711 acts of violations of artistic freedom in 2019 in 93 countries.
30 Apr 2020
The choir is sharing the performances in the hope of bringing a positive message into the world, connecting audiences worldwide in this 150-days online event.
21 Apr 2020
Even though the Eurovision Song Contest will not take place in Rotterdam this year, artificial intelligence offers an alternative for sharing songs with Europe.
24 Apr 2020
Dutch National Opera is scaling up their opera streaming services through the European OperaVision network.
16 Apr 2020
Minister van Engelshoven kondigde een steunpakket aan van 300 miljoen euro. Wat houdt het pakket in, en wat betekent dit voor de sector?
16 Apr 2020
Meet Double, a remote-controlled self-driving robot, which can move through 'The Swarm' in Tetem – presentation platform for digital culture.
14 Apr 2020
There are still possibilities to exchange art and culture in an international context. The #CreativeEuropeAtHome campaign shows inspiring online activities.
3 Apr 2020
In navolging van de brief aan minister van Engelshoven van verleden week, roept de Taskforce Cultuur om een overbruggings- en garantiefonds voor de sector.
6 Apr 2020
In the midst of the global pandemic crisis the fund aimes at supporting imaginative cultural initiatives that reinforce European solidarity.
30 Mar 2020
Even though the Forum on European Culture 2020 has been postponed until later this year, you can still listen to the 2018 edition at home through four podcasts.
31 Mar 2020
You are invited you to to join a discussion about the possible impact of COVID-19 on artistic and cultural interventions in public space.
25 Mar 2020
Art in Times of Corona: DEN presents overview of digital cultural expressions and tips for cultural services now that physical presence has become impossible.
23 Mar 2020
Many film festivals have been cancelled or postponed. A selection of creative digital measures to enable the (festival) programming online.
23 Mar 2020
The director has written a fervid letter: "In the days ahead we will have to prove to ourselves and to the world that culture is able to counter misfortune".
20 Mar 2020
Due to travel bans that are in force to counteract the corona crisis, Moroccan artist Adam Belarouchia cannot return from the Netherlands to his home country.
18 Mar 2020
In times of the COVID-19 virus, international cultural cooperation seems stuck. But is it? In the spotlight: examples of Dutch art abroad without travelling.
18 Mar 2020
A call to take necessary measures for the cultural and creative sectors affected by the coronavirus
18 Mar 2020
The Social Distancing Festival is an online artist’s community, to celebrate the work of artists around the world affected by the need for social distancing.
18 Mar 2020
Een brief als oproep om noodzakelijke maatregelen te nemen voor de culturele en creatieve sector. 
2 Mar 2020
DutchCulture and De Balie launched the third edition of the Forum on European Culture, taking place from 17-20 September in Amsterdam.
12 Mar 2020
In verband met de ontwikkelingen rondom het Covid-19-virus gaat DutchCulture on Tour: Editie Brabant a.s. donderdag niet door.
2 Mar 2020
Our Brexit event this February showed that the freedom of movement of people, goods and services across the Channel will not be as evident as it was before.
27 Feb 2020
The English version of the Dutch government's new International Cultural Policy is now avaliable.
24 Feb 2020
Art programme VERVE, presenting Dutch art in Belgium, is a plea for slowing down and sets an example for future art programmes.
30 Apr 2020
Prof. dr. Maarten Doorman presenteert een paper over translokaliteit in de kunsten tijdens online colloquium op 30 april
20 Feb 2020
Dutch-language pop music is making a comeback, as is shown by the programming at Noorderslag and Dutch exports to Belgium.
20 Feb 2020
The seminar was organised on February 18 ahead of the upcoming state visit and was attended by His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima.
13 Feb 2020
This year Hermitage Amsterdam is celebrating its tenth anniversary with several projects, including the educational project Museum 15/24.
13 Feb 2020
On 2 February 2020, the new Schengen Visa Code has come into force for everyone looking to apply for a short-stay Schengen Visa.
10 Feb 2020
DutchCulture is zo spoedig mogelijk op zoek naar een ondernemende en nieuwsgierige persoonlijkheid die schriftelijk en verbaal uitblinkt.
27 Jan 2020
This article discusses how different forms of funding with both national and international scope might benefit your project.
6 Feb 2020
The DutchCulture department Mobility and Advice (Creative Europe Desk, Mobility Info Point and TransArtists) is looking for an intern starting 1 March 2020.
27 Jan 2020
The report by Freemuse outlines how European governments carry the legal responsibility to respect, protect and fulfil obligations to artistic freedom.
27 Jan 2020
To celebrate the connections between Dutch cultural professionals and the United Kingdom, the Dutch Embassy in London has published a magazine.
21 Jan 2020
Het seminar ‘Indonesia and the Netherlands: a joint future’ op 18 februari 2020 wordt georganiseerd door DutchCulture.
21 Jan 2020
Dutch cultural attachés, Belgium edition: Hanna Oosterbaan on the Verve programme, research-based art and Belgium as a springboard for an international career.
5 Feb 2020
Chasing artistic ambitions in the United Kingdom? Avoid the Brexit blues and attend our event to get answers to your questions.
16 Jan 2020
De interdisciplinaire verkenningsreis naar Marokko wordt vanwege het coronavirus verplaatst naar een nader te bepalen datum.
7 Jan 2020
During Shawky's visit to the IQMF in Amsterdam, we talked about his passion for Arab popular culture and his perspectives on queer cinema and censorship.
9 Jan 2020
Not many people realise that the six islands Curaçao, Aruba, Sint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba can apply to the Creative Europe programme.
27 Dec 2019
Dutch cultural attachés, edition Brazil: Nanna Stolze about the challenges of the political situation and the Brazilian ‘all will work out fine’ attitude.
24 Dec 2019
The international network of forward-thinking museums aims to create planetary narratives and be a driver for change. Maintaining the momentum is key in 2020.
20 Dec 2019
On Thursday 12 December, the sold-out event on Dutch-Japanes cultural collaboration took place at Pakhuis the Zwijger. Watch the video of the event now online.
16 Dec 2019
Writer and LIFEs director Ayu Utami wrote a keynote speech for the Indonesia Now conference 2019 on the project My Story, Shared History.
17 Dec 2019
Privacy, new media and information technology were some of the topics during Europe Day 2019. This year’s theme: Digital Europe – crossing the boundaries?
12 Dec 2019
The annual IQMF festival celebrated its 5th anniversary with much needed films, talks, performances and exhibitions. An impression of Saturday’s activities.
16 Dec 2019
On 6 December, the three ministers responsible for International Cultural Policy have submitted the new policy framework to the House of Representatives
11 Dec 2019
“When you just dance together and see what the other culture has to offer, you automatically gain respect for one another.”
9 Dec 2019
Politics, environment, relocating the capital and the special relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands all featured at the Indonesia Now conference.
3 Dec 2019
On December 8, the project Youth Artivists for Change will be discussed during International Queer & Migrant Film Festival. An interview with Arbër Kodra.
5 Dec 2019
Arguing the need for the gathering Fair International Cultural Cooperation and its aim for a code of conduct to foster the multicultural ideal.
9 Dec 2019
Just in time for the new decade, the Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends launched its renewed platform on December 5th.
10 Dec 2019
Statistics Netherlands (CBS) has compiled a new satellite account on culture and media in the Netherlands, highlighting its contribution to Dutch GDP.
9 Dec 2019
Op 6 december hebben drie ministers het nieuwe beleidskader Internationaal Cultuurbeleid aangeboden aan de Tweede Kamer.
5 Dec 2019
How do Dutch artists evoke an inclusive imagination of an international children’s audience? An interpretation of our Conference International Culture for Kids.
27 Nov 2019
From 13 till 17 November, the eigth edition of the International Cultural Forum took place in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
21 Nov 2019
The ‘propaganda artist’ from Zwolle brought his work 'New Unions' to Palermo, where we speculated on the role of the arts in imagining new political realities.
26 Nov 2019
In het nieuwe Kunstenplan van Amsterdam voor de periode '21-'24 is een internationale rol weggelegd voor DutchCulture
31 Oct 2019
A study on the cultural cooperation and exchange of DutchCulture with Moroccan and Turkish organisations and artists between 2016-2018.
13 Nov 2019
We zoeken per 1 februari een flexibele teamspeler die kan multitasken, verschillende rollen kan aannemen, processen overzien en deadlines bewaken (0,8 fte).
4 Nov 2019
In our series on Dutch cultural attachés, we talked to Roel van de Ven in the UK about the challenges of Brexit, Dutch bluntness and the autonomy of art.
12 Nov 2019
Equality is a sectoral prioritiy for the European Council. The report summarises the main recommendations regarding cultural and creative sectors and gender
4 Nov 2019
At the same time we take leave of our current chairman Arno Brok. We spoke to both men about their love for art and culture.
4 Nov 2019
DutchCulture is per 1 januari 2020 op zoek naar een zelfstandige, collegiale en ondernemende Projectmedewerker CED Cultuur (0,8 FTE)
4 Nov 2019
Margot Llompart has been working in the field of international arts and culture for years, fulfilling a variety of roles in different parts of the world.
12 Dec 2019
Want to make the most of your Europe for Citizens projects, find inspiration, new partners, develop your idea?
22 Oct 2019
Last weekend, the FORMS (Futures-Oriented Museum Synergies) network got together for the first time. NEMO's Michiel Buchel talks about his participation.
24 Oct 2019
In collaboration with On the Move, the DutchCulture Mobility Info Point is proud to present the updated Cultural Mobility Funding Guide.
25 Oct 2019
At our Kids Culture Conference 2019, director of the Crown Troupe of Africa Segun Adefila held a keynote speech on the universality of childhood.
12 Dec 2019
An inspirational event with Dutch – Japanese cultural collaborations.
12 Oct 2019
Meet the artists of My story, Shared History: the 6th partnership and only trio is Francesca Pichel (NL), Rizal Iwan (ID) and Dionne Verwey (NL).
17 Oct 2019
Anticipating the première, we interviewed writer/director Sandra Beerends about her new historically and emotionally charged documentary.
28 Nov 2019
Tijdens de Europadag onderzoeken we dit jaar de rol van informatietechnologie op onze samenleving en het belang van Europees beleid hierbij.
28 Oct 2019
Future-Oriented Museum Synergies, an initiative of MOTI, will have a kick-off in Amsterdam on October 28 and 29.
16 Oct 2019
Bringing the creative fields from the Netherlands and China closer, and to stimulate future-oriented sustainable collaborations on various themes.
1 Oct 2019
Four heritage experts from New York discussed the multiplicity of perspectives on Dutch colonial history through the DutchCulture visiting programme.
4 Oct 2019
Meet the artists of My story, shared history: the fifth duo is Maria Lamslag and Adrian Mulya.
4 Oct 2019
Meet the artists of My story, shared history: the fourth duo is Angelina Enny and Robin Block.
7 Oct 2019
Remco Vermeulen, country advisor Indonesia, is on a working visit in Indonesia and reports daily on the practices of cultural exchange on the spot.
17 Oct 2019
Matthew Covey from Tamizdat and Covey Law will give a workshop on the do’s and don’ts of applying for a visa for artistic purposes to the United States.
18 Oct 2019
Nederlandse kindercultuur is wereldwijd gerenommeerd. We bespreken uitdagingen en mogelijkheden van intercultureel werken met bekende (inter)nationale gasten.
18 Sep 2019
After packing out the numbers and illustrating the trends and developments per country; we take a final look at Dutch cultural activities in 2018 worldwide.
15 Oct 2019
'Women Artists of the Dutch Golden Age' will be on view at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C., from 11 October until 5 January.
20 Sep 2019
Meet the artists of My story, shared history: the third duo is Lala Bohang and Lara Nuberg.
6 Dec 2019
Fair International Cultural Cooperation - Climate Change is a gathering that will take place on December 6 in Amsterdam.
20 Sep 2019
Meet the artists of My story, shared history: the second duo is Esmay Usmany and Aziz Azthar.
12 Sep 2019
Meet the artists of My story, shared history: the first duo is Armando Ello and Felix K. Nesi.
10 Oct 2019
Under the title 'New Dutch Writing', Dutch literature will be presented at more than seventy festivals and events in the United Kingdom and Ireland.
24 Sep 2019
South African artists enter into dialogue on their art and how their work relates to social transformation and identity.
5 Sep 2019
BeST-NL was a cultural programme that took place in China, Japan and South Korea, aimed at creators there and in the Netherlands.

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