Mobility Info Point

The Mobility Info Point can advise you when you have plans for abroad or when you are working with foreign artists, performers and intermediaries.

Scène uit 'We doen het wel zelf' (2015) van Wunderbaum. Foto: Anke Teunissen / Scene from 'We'll do it ourselves' (2015) by Wunderbaum. Photo: Anke Teunissen

The Mobility Info Point at DutchCulture can advise you when you have plans for abroad, when you are working with foreign artists, performers and intermediaries here in the Netherlands, or when you yourself are a foreign artist or performer working here.

International projects are often a complex mix of working with well-known and less well-known partners and a variety of financial challenges. You may also have to deal with the rules and regulations of other countries. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the financial and other possibilities, the relevant networks and the experiences of your colleagues in the Netherlands and abroad.

On the following pages you will find information about the Dutch rules and regulations, the Dutch cultural infrastructure, and financial possibilities for covering travel, accommodation and production expenses in the Netherlands and abroad. For specifically tailored advice, you can visit us during our open office hours (twice a month on a Monday or Friday). And naturally, you can always give us a call (T 020 616 4225) or send an e-mail.

On request, we give information and advice to the Dutch diplomatic network. We also conduct research on best practices and frequently occurring obstacles in international cultural transactions. The Info Point participates on behalf of DutchCulture in the international network for cultural mobility On The Move.