Stefan Scholten (r) of Scholten & Baijings designers, in the 1616/ Arita Japan workplace. After their series 'Colourful Porcelain' for 1616/ Arita Japan, the Dutch design duo and Teruhiro Yanagihara, artistic director van 1616/ Arita Japan, were asked to become creative directors of 2016/ Arita.



Through our website TransArtists we combine and share expertise on international artist-in-residence programmes and related issues for artists, cultural organisations and policymakers. The tools and services we provide include:

  • An extensive database with over 1400 residency programmes worldwide
  • Upcoming deadlines for residency programs
  • Regular and one-time open calls for residency programmes
  • Publications and other resources on residencies and their programs
  • In Do It Yourself section there is the possibility to place your own call for artists or studio

We also offer (inter)national workshop programme, helping and training artists to find and access residency programmes, as well as workshops for organisers about starting and / or developing a residency. We organise and participate in various expert meetings and do research in and about the AiR phenomenon.

AiR Platform NL

TransArtists is hosting AiR Platform NL - a platform for artist-in-residence initiatives and partners to connect, exchange information and experiences, and to establish collaborations and projects in the Netherlands, Flanders and abroad. This platform provides:

  • An overview of residency programmes in the Netherlands and Flanders
  • Calls and news from the AiR Platform's members
  • Expert meetings with and for the AiR Platform participants
  • Mutual AiR Impulse projects, international exchange projects of the AiR Platform NL with international partners.
  • The new Werkplaatsen Platform for technical workspaces/residencies for artists and designers.

If you run an artist-in-residence programme and would like to promote your current open call, we would be happy to help you by publishing an article about it. And if you are an artist who needs an advice to find their way in the residency world, we are also here for you.

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