Activities of Dutch artists and cultural entrepreneurs are taking place on a broad scale in Germany each year. It is the most important destination within Europe for Dutch arts and culture, and a focus country in the international cultural policy 2017-2020.

Visual Arts, Literature and Creative Industry  In Germany, reading is an important part of culture, and literature is highly valued. Visual arts are well supported by museums and Kunstvereine (community galleries). The creative industry is acknowledged as one of the most dynamic sectors of the German economy. The Dutch embassy in Berlin and the consulates in Düsseldorf and Munich are giving these three disciplines an extra focus for 2017-2020, in close collaboration with the Dutch cultural funds and institutions. It is our shared understanding that investing in these disciplines will be the best way to encourage the growth of the cultural field of the Netherlands, the international visibility of Dutch artists and the appreciation of Dutch culture.

Important goals for this strategy are, amongst others, to increase the number of book translations, to strengthen the profiles of Dutch visual artists, to generate more media attention for Dutch cultural professionals and to stimulate the exchange between Dutch and German design. Besides these disciplines currently in the spotlight, much more is of course happening in Germany in the areas of performing arts, music, film, etc. Looking at our database, you will see how important Dutch-German cultural collaboration is for artists from every corner of the cultural field.

Partners  To stimulate the Dutch presence in Germany, the following organisations work together: the Dutch embassy in Berlin, the Mondriaan Fund, Dutch Performing Arts, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Creative Industries Fund NL, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archives of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Film Fund, the EYE Film Institute, and DutchCulture.




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