The Netherlands and Suriname have a rich historical relationship, that also continues in the mutual interest in cultural cooperation.

Suriname is known as the country where people live in harmony with each other. All population groups are reflected on all layers of the social ladder. The (religious) holidays of the various population groups are collectively celebrated, and one of Suriname’s best known facts is that a mosque, and a synagogue are neighbors and support each other for decades.

The Netherlands and Suriname are inseparably linked by more than 300 years of history. The shared history, the common language, an very active diaspora and the social networks between the two countries form the basis for a strong relationship between the two countries. The interest in cultural cooperation is therefore great.

Identity formation, and emancipation are important theme’s within the program for Suriname.  The Netherlands gives priority to the exchange in performing arts, music and the diaspora.

The ambitions are mainly aimed at increasing the appreciation and visibility of Dutch art in Suriname; promoting the sense of ownership of shared cultural heritage; connecting various population groups in Suriname with each other, and with the diaspora in the Netherlands.

Shared Cultural Heritage

The Dutch embassy in Paramaribo mainly supports projects relating to historical inner cities, and image / identity through the shared cultural heritage policy. The old town of Paramaribo is on the Unesco World Heritage List. Redevelopment of the city and redevelopment of heritage sites (also outside the city, eg Commewijne) contribute to the preservation and promotion of heritage tourism and ensure positive image formation. The Dutch embassy in Paramaribo and Dutch Culture jointly implement these policy plans.


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