DutchCulture supports and promotes cultural collaboration between the Netherlands and Egypt.

Egypt is a country with a long and rich cultural history. In recent years, there is a strong development in independent initiatives in the cultural and creative sector. Notably in the disciplines music, film, fashion and crafts we experience a wish to innovate. Culture reaches an ever widening and new audience and is an important incubator for a diverse society.

Due to its centrality, Egypt is an important hub in the Arab region. It is an important platform for artists and cultural professionals in the Middle East and North Africa. Furthermore, there is a strong tradition of collaboration with European (cultural) organizations. As such, the Egyptian cultural sector has a strong international character and acts as an important bridge between Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Would you like to know more about the cultural sector in Egypt? You can check the summary of the multi-annual strategic plan for culture of the Dutch embassy in Egypt here.


International Cultural Policy 2017-2020

One of the objectives of the Dutch international cultural policy is to give more room to arts and culture to contribute to a safer, more just and future-proof world. In the tense world of today, arts and culture can contribute to social cohesion and an open society with room for cultural differences. Through cultural connections, the Netherlands wishes to strengthen mutual understanding and trust with countries surrounding Europe, in particular with Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Russia. More information about this strategy can be found in the multi-annual strategic plan of the Dutch embassy in Egypt.


Collaboration and support

Do you have questions about collaboration with Egypt? Get in touch with Wladimir Riphagen, our advisor for Egypt, for personal advice.

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Egypt at a glance

28 registered activities in 2017
featuring 22 artists

Number of activities
12 months (2017)

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1 - 18 of 77 activities
'Zomerhuis met zwembad'

1 Jan 2017 to 31 Dec 2017
Digital CultureSolo Exhibition
at International Digital Arts Festival

7 Mar 2017 to 14 Mar 2017
Performing ArtsPerformance - Stage
Performance Blocks at D-CAF Festival Cairo 2017

31 Mar 2017

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