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The United States of America is a focus country in the Netherlands’ International Cultural Policy 2017-2020. Its huge scale, culture and leading global position make the country attractive for Dutch culture makers from all genres and disciplines, like visual artists, filmmakers, musicians or DJs.

Special focus program 2019: Never Grow Up! Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences  Throughout 2019, Never Grow Up! presents an abundance of Dutch film, literature and performing arts for young audiences in the United States, that caters to young audiences and families. A wide range of work from the Netherlands will be presented at events and venues such as IPAY Showcase, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Kennedy Center, New York International Children’s Film Festival and Brooklyn Book Festival. Presenters and agencies are invited to attend screenings, readings and performances, meet directors, writers and performers, and engage with representatives of Dutch expert organizations to discuss opportunities for collaboration and exchange. Never Grow Up! is a joint effort with Dutch Performing Arts, the Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in New York, Eye International, Netherlands Film Fund, Cinekid and Dutch Foundation for Literature. Dutch film, literature.

Shared past, shared future  The shared heritage between the Netherlands and the United States goes back 400 years. Cultural exchange between the two countries has always been important, and the Dutch government has strategically invested in it for the past 25 years. The Consulate General in New York (CGNY) works closely together with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archives of the Netherlands, and DutchCulture for the knowledge exchange, preservation and education around our shared heritage.

Top export country  The United States has been the number one export country outside of Europe for Dutch artists over the past years. Success for Dutch artists in New York frequently leads to follow-ups in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. The idea is for the Dutch cultural sector to continue collaborating with the US at the same high level or higher by 2020. To make it in the United States, artists need to have a professional track record. The Netherlands accordingly emphasizes midcareer professionals and established talents. Top talents also benefit from this because of their contribution to the creative image of the Netherlands. Cultural exchange is mostly stimulated in a number of large cities where there is a demand for what the Netherlands has to offer: New York, Los Angeles, , Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit, Miami, Houston and Austin.

Partners To stimulate the Dutch presence in the United States, the following organisations work together: the Dutch Consulate General in New York, the Mondriaan Fund, Dutch Performing Arts, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Creative Industries Fund NL, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archives of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Film Fund, the EYE Film Institute, and DutchCulture.


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