Merits (2022)

60 international activities
9/991 ranking within discipline
1 international awards


Other name (in original language)
Het Nieuwe Instituut

Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam

Nieuwe Instituut is a sector institute for the creative industry. It develops programs and activities for the design disciplines of architecture, design and e/culture. NI positions itself as the rijksarchive architecture and landscaping, as a museum for architecture, design and e/culture and as an expertise centre for the creative industry, where research forms the connecting factor. NI had the goal to increase the public validation and social significance of architecture, design and e-culture and strengthen the interaction between the disciplines. NI formulates the vision wherein it distinguishes the present by radical changes on a technological, economical, cultural and social level. The institute wants to map this changing world, and make it visible. At the same time the HNI wants to encourage discussion about topics relating to the design field.