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The United Kingdom remains a magnet for artists and creative entrepreneurs.

The United Kingdom is a priority country in the Netherlands’ International Cultural Policy 2017-2020. The strategy aims at an increasingly strong and recognisable presence for art, the creative industry and professionals from the Netherlands in prominent places in the United Kingdom.

As an international cultural metropolis, London has tremendous pulling power; almost every country in the world is culturally represented there. The United Kingdom shares a long history of cultural exchange with the Netherlands; this dates back to the seventeenth century, when British royal houses opened their courts to Dutch Masters, architects, designers and scholars. But nowadays as well, British organisations invite Dutch creative entrepreneurs and art instructors to come work with them.

Fighting for opportunities
Because of the stiff competition in the United Kingdom, Dutch artists have to fight for recognition, and once they achieve it, fight to remain in the spotlights. While London may be the epicentre of international culture, the old industrial cities also offer opportunities for the Netherlands with their own festivals, stages and studios. Moreover, there is more than enough common ground between the Netherlands and England in the areas of heritage management, cultural education, fundraising and other forms of cultural entrepreneurship.

The Dutch Embassy in London helps identify and utilise opportunities for new makers and creative entrepreneurs, and works with programmes that help Dutch talent make it the international stage. The embassy organises work visits, workshops, seminars, press presentations and network meetings for and with Dutch cultural organisations. In addition, the embassy regularly publishes information on cultural events with a Dutch flavour.

To stimulate the Dutch presence in United Kingdom, the following work in partnership: the Dutch Embassy in London, the Mondriaan Fund, Dutch Performing Arts, the Dutch Foundation for Literature, the Creative Industries Fund NL, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Cultural Participation Fund, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the Popcoalitie and DutchCulture.

Despite the United Kingdom’s announced exit from the European Union, expectations are that cultural exchange will remain at a high level. Negotiations on Brexit will be underway until April 2019.


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