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Please note: we are currently updating the information below for the new policy period 2021-2024.

Brazil and the Netherlands
Certain similarities between the Dutch and Brazilian cultures – informality, openness to innovation and liveliness – often make it easy for people from the two countries to understand each other. Despite Brazil’s recent economic and political crises, interest in cultural cooperation is increasing, especially because of the rise of an art-loving, prosperous middle-class and an up-and-coming creative industry in Brazil.

The Netherlands and Brazil are also exchanging expertise and experience in the area of cultural heritage. The historic relations between the two countries date back to the seventeenth century and the Dutch West India Company. Brazilians still honour the memory of Johan Maurits van Nassau (Governor of Dutch Brazil from 1637 to 1644).

Lasting cooperative efforts 
Over the past several years, the Dutch government has successfully invested in the intensification of cultural cooperation with Brazil. For the coming policy period, Brazil has been designated as a selected country with a tailor-made approach, and efforts will be made to continue existing cooperative efforts in the areas of culture, the creative industry and shared cultural heritage.

Working in concert to fulfil these goals are the Dutch diplomatic representatives in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Brasília, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, the National Archives, Het Nieuwe Instituut, the EYE Film Institute, public cultural funds in the Netherlands, and DutchCulture.

Smart design and urban planning for The Liveable City 
‘The Liveable City’ is the overall theme for cooperative efforts with Brazil. Medium-sized projects that contribute to ideas and solutions for a liveable city especially receive support. The projects can vary from music (education) to visual art, the reallocation of buildings, audio-visual projects and activities related to mobility. Particular attention is paid to (smart) design and urban planning.

These efforts are aimed at knowledge sharing, talent development and cross-fertilisation based on reciprocity, co-creation and equality. Of further importance is the promotion and publicising of Dutch artists in Brazil.

Interested to learn more about the Brazilian cultural field? On our website, you can find a comprehensive mapping of the Brazilian cultural field.

Please note: we are currently updating the information below for the new policy period 2021-2024.


Josine Backus
Advisor - Focal Countries | Brazil

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