Brazil and the Netherlands
Brazil is known as a vibrant and informal country. Creativity and inventiveness are elementary parts of its society. Brazil has its own unique cultural signature due to a special mix of people and cultures, where traditional and new (urban) art forms are combined at a high level. The cultural offer is immense, especially in large cities.

At the same time, recent developments have tarnished Brazil's image, and the country has been severely affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has exacerbated the economic crisis and has resulted in further political and sociocultural polarisation. Social inequality, often linked to ethnicity, has increased further. The consequences for the cultural sector are major. Nevertheless, the sector is very outspoken and combative; artists and makers remain as enterprising as ever and continue to seek out new opportunities.

Dutch creatives are welcome guests at major events such as the São Paulo Biennale and Rio2C in Rio de Janeiro and show an increasing interest to discover the country culturally. There are surprisingly many similarities between the Dutch and Brazilian ways of working: the search for innovation, with positivity and resilience. This means that both parties generally understand each other well and that there has been frequent cultural cooperation in recent years.

Brazil is also a country with which the Netherlands maintains a long relationship; the historical ties go back to the 17th century when Maurice of Nassau was governor of Dutch Brazil.

The liveable city 
For the current cultural cooperation with Brazil, the Dutch government focuses on the theme: The liveable city. Social inclusion and sustainability are important concerns within the theme. Knowledge sharing, talent development and cross-fertilization - based on co-creation, reciprocity and equality - are central, as is the promotion and visibility of Dutch artists in Brazil.

Opportunities exist in particular for the following sectors: the creative industry (architecture, new media and design - social design, smart design, design thinking); audio-visual; photography; music; new forms of culture (urban arts); visual art; and also the exchange of expertise and experience in the area of cultural heritage. Obviously, demand from Brazil that matches what the Netherlands can offer is leading, as is the collaboration and synergy with the work of Dutch cultural funds and sector institutes. Read more...

Information & advice 
Would you like to receive more information regarding opportunities for cultural exchange with Brazil? Feel free to contact our Brazil advisor Josine Backus with your questions. She can inform you about the latest developments in the country, relevant contacts and cultural venues.

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