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Advisor - Focal Countries | Brazil
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Mapping Brazil

Mapping Brazil

These pages contain a comprehensive mapping of the cultural field in Brazil made by local experts meant to promote cultural exchange.

Update of Mapping Brazil  
More than twenty Brazilian experts, active in various art disciplines and sectors, have contributed to the 2015 online update of Mapping Brazil. In addition to an update, the mapping also contains a number of new components. The art disciplines film and photography were added, as well as the following themes: Brazilian creative industries, cultural participation and higher art education. The latest edition also maps for the first time the rapidly emerging games sector as well as Electronic Dance Music in Brazil.

Mapping Brazil consists of a detailed account of the Brazilian cultural sector, divided into disciplines. Just like the original edition of 2009, this update has been written by different experts, all of whom live in Brazil. The selection and identification of experts for 2015 was made in close cooperation with partner organization Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) in Rio the Janeiro, the Dutch embassy in Brazil and other organizations involved.

Original mapping
Download a PDF-version of the original mapping from 2009:

Cultural Mapping Brazil 2009 (pdf, 524 p. 19 Mb, English)

Cultural Mapping Brazil 2015