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COVID-19 Information for cooperation with South Korea

COVID-19 Information for cooperation with South Korea

On this page you will find information about consequences of the coronavirus for international cooperation with South Korea.


Last update: 26 March 2021

General situation

Cultural & creative sector  

  • Report published by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) regarding its response to the COVID-19 pandemic: the impact on and the measures to support the cultural sector. The MCST aims to ensure free creative activities of artists and to create a safe environment for cultural consumption. 

Cultural & creative initiatives between the Netherlands and South Korea

  1. Hybrid seminars (on+off-line) organised by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, as a part of review exhibition of 2019 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism. Thanks to our close cooperation in the last two biennales, the Netherlands was invited for the following two sessions.
  • Amsterdam Seminar on 22 July with the Municipality of Amsterdam and Space & Matters: We...City, Amsterdam
  • Rotterdam Seminar on 5 August with Het Nieuwe Instituut: Conflict and Innovation in the Museum
  1. Club Guy & Roni performance streaming at Seoul Internation Dance Festival Online,17-19 November
  2. Others activities focusing on strategic partnerships for long-term cooperation, e.g. the NL Embassy in Seoul signed MOU's respectively with Suwon Museum of Art for cultural cooperation, and with Seoul Metropolitan Government for NL-Seoul cultural exchange and especially in the fields of architecture and urbanism.
  3. Sharing Dutch experience of the cultural sector against the challenges brought by COVID-19 at 2021 Arts Council Korea (ARKO) International Online Symposium

Dutch diplomatic missions in South Korea

  • The Dutch embassy in South Korea informs about the local situation in South Korea via the website, as well as via the information service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for cultural affairs via the website Dutch Culture Korea.

Travel advice

If you have specific questions related to your project in this country, please contact our advisor South Korea i.yang@dutchculture.nl. For general questions you can get in touch with our Mobility Info Point: infopoint@dutchculture.nl.

See here for more information on South Korea in the International Cultural Policy and the database with Dutch cultural activities internationally.

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