Julia Groen, Campaigns

In my job as a campaigner, I devise and set up campaigns and think about the best ways to reach people for DutchCulture’s activities, articles and events. I love contributing to the international ambitions of artists in this way. I find it inspiring to read about artistic projects, important to discuss the value of culture and internationalisation, and interesting to learn about the considerations regarding international cultural policy. I am convinced that collaboration is the key to connecting with each other, and that makes me proud to work at DutchCulture.

My background lies in the performing arts. I previously worked at the Bellevue and Carré theatres in Amsterdam, the Dutch National Opera & Ballet institute, Bos Theaterproducties and Ambassador Theatre Group, an international company. My love for the performing arts still burns brightly: I often visit the theatre, I am a classic ballet dancer, and in addition to my work at DutchCulture, I serve as the treasurer for the urban dance company BackBone.