Amsterdam Fund for the Arts

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The AFK believes artists, creativity and experimentation are inextricably linked to Amsterdam. The fund supports projects and programmes that increase interest in art and culture, appeal to a wide audience and maintain the multiformity of the array of art available in the city.

Amsterdam is culturally diverse, and its diversity should be reflected in our projects. The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts believes that art must represent the public as well as the cultural institutions. They also support adventurous art, because it is only through innovation and experimentation that art can continue to grow.

With these financial contributions, the AFK aims at stimulating the appreciation for art in Amsterdam, and at creating broader support for arts and culture in terms of both audiences and politics. This is why the projects not only need to offer artistic and practical quality, but also need to pursue an optimal degree of audience reach, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

Other name (in original language): 
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst


Piet Heinkade 179
1019 HC Amsterdam