Merits (2021)

6 international activities
58/222 ranking within discipline
0 international awards


Dood Paard Theatre company
Nes 63
1012 KD Amsterdam

Theatre group Dood Paard from Amsterdam has developed their own unique way of theatre making. First and foremost it is about the collaboration of the members of this collective and their view on life. Every play is made to show the audience how the actors see the world around them. Every movement and every spoken word is meant to sharpen the mind of the players/makers and with that the mind of the audience. Whether it is a play by Shakespeare, or a text by Oscar van Woensel, or a self-assembled text, the questions being posed by the group remain the same: what do they know, what is their situation and what do they think? Dood Paard performs regularly in the Netherlands and Belgium, and often at theatres and festivals in Europe and beyond.