Mapping Netherlands

This Mapping NL offers a brief overview of the Dutch cultural sector. It helps users to find their way to nodes and hubs in the Dutch landscape easily.
Hella Jongerius, Coloured Vases series 3. Deze serie is ontwikkeld in nauwe samenwerking met Koninklijke Tichelaar Makkum. Foto: Gerrit Schreurs

Mapping NL does not comprise an in depth research on the broad spectrum of culture and the entire range of institutions, but rather an introduction and concise road map for finding your way in cultural cooperation. Much information is available elsewhere and this site is meant to guide you there.

Mapping NL was prepared for the cultural attaches at the Dutch embassies and consulates. It outlines the Dutch cultural structure in a way that is readily understood. It will aid staff at Dutch embassies abroad to be effective in fostering collaboration. Additionally, cultural cooperation partners may use it to find their way and find out how Dutch culture is organized.

If you have any additions to Mapping NL please do not hesitate to let us know. We are dedicated to keeping this site updated and enhancing it continuously.

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